Thursday, May 30, 2013

Awww… Wait, what?!

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  1. I can’t imagine was she was supposed to have put… unless her cock really is covered in flower.

  2. what*
    my bad

  3. OH MY GOD
    what’s even worse is that I put “flower”

  4. ^ That’s what I’m going to do tonight. I’ll be wearing nothing, and I’ll have a large bouquet of flowers covering my cock. She’ll love that.

    Thanks for the idea, Dardar.

  5. ^Watch out for those thorns, beatus.

  6. Yeah I wouldn’t use roses

  7. sleptwithghosts

    Throw on the flour and look for the wet spot.

  8. I can’t be the only one that noticed that the kid’s shirt says something about ‘chunky thighs.’ I just can’t be.

  9. Cook! She was trying to call the girl her cook.

  10. Carib, wtf are you on about dude? The thorns are what makes it fun!….It takes “ribbed for her pleasure” to a whole new level!

  11. @lucipurr
    “I make chunky thighs look good!”

  12. @jeffreyd

    The o is nowhere near the c

    All she had to do was press the same button twice!

    There must be something sinister going on here…

  13. CapnJaques, I think beatus should just forget about the flowers thing then and just put a porcupine there. Whether the porcupine is alive or dead will be his choice.

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  15. Ah, replicarolex, your comments always prove to be well thought out and insightful. I never thought of it that way, but you’re right! “cheap jordan shoes for $40” indeed.

  16. pawsies – my guess is autocorrect. Which only means she types “cock” more than “cook”

  17. I’d prefer it be living. Can you imagine the intense level of pleasure to be gained while fucking with a porcupine wrapped around your knob? I’m orgasming already!

  18. This is sausage fest makes me think “I don’t know what I was expecting” every time I dare to enter the comments. How did it go from talking about a typo to porcupines wrapped around your dick?

  19. What else is a man with a limp,, and a wooden cock ‘posed t’ talk about?

  20. Jibby, it all started when I mentioned wearing only a bouquet of flowers for my woman. And then, all porcupine hell broke loose.

  21. ^ I hope you’re charging a fee for giving a lesson in Comprehension 101….if not, you better be tapping that.

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