Monday, May 4, 2009



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  1. awesome.

  2. hahaha i love errors

  3. is that why girls never swallow?

  4. …wait, what?

  5. haha. Thank you.

  6. god, blowjob, anyone?

    yeesh. this guy should not be allowed to form his own ideas beyond “I miss her”

  7. AniBanni the proper internet term of exasperation is GEESE!!!!!

  8. It is a coldplay song

  9. bahahahahaha Coldplay

  10. I wonder how the moth felt about it?

  11. _Geese_

    I just got done reading that one >.< GEESE guys….

  12. Geese?

    What has habitual interwebbing done to us.

  13. this really is a coldplay song…he just messed up the lyrics. still,
    “I could feel it go down
    you left the sweetest taste in my mouth”
    (the original lyrics), not much better

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