Monday, May 20, 2013

Background Check!

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  1. Ah yes, the “b” is silent, so why not let us leave it out altogether…fucking dumbass.

  2. *dumass

  3. If they’re old enough to crawl at least they’re in the right position.

  4. Girl in 2nd row, middle, with the “LP” on her shirt.
    Is she standing while they’re taking the photo?
    Sit the fuck down.

  5. Doggy Style.

  6. ^You asking?

  7. Do I need to ask?

  8. sleptwithghosts

    The growing sexual tension between you two keeps me coming back. Lord knows the posts aren’t doing it.

  9. A person with some excellent photoshop skills might be able to crop that out.

  10. Yes boys Doggystyle is the proper way to fuck a cheerleader. Those are smart young lads and will grow to be fine young men one day.

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