Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Background Checks!

More background checks here!

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  1. eh, FIRST

  2. Lol The second one was funny. The fourth was creepy

  3. They can’t smell that?

  4. That building is creepy.
    Is that a U.S school? Looks like a prison… Or is that the background check?

  5. Perhaps U.S. schools look like prisons to make the transition into adulthood that little bit easier? Don’t some of them have metal detectors and guards?

  6. @GuinnessMan In really dangerous inner city areas, yes. In suburbia and small towns, absolutely not. My high school was actually beautiful looking and there were only security cameras in the cafeteria and hallways that weren’t even actively monitored. I think it’s sad that US schools apparently have that generalization.

  7. comparethemeerkat

    I think it’s sad that people are allowed carry guns, be it at school in the inner city, or anywhere else for that matter.

  8. I’d have to agree with both of you there…

  9. YAY!! I submitted the first one. This is the second thing I have gotten on lamebook.

  10. Chimmy – no one gives a shit – the crap that is posted on this website is so down in quality from the past that it’s hardly an accomplishment…


  11. Hey there, Fake Steeeever! What’s new?

    Also, how did they not notice the person in the background in #2?

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