Monday, May 13, 2013

Backpack Blast

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  1. Quit being such a racist, Anthony.

    By, “taxi,” she meant for you to take it to her, not have someone else do it.

  2. Doesn’t the dude have a car…?
    Or is he going to get arrested?

  3. If she’s five minutes away, why not try walking?

  4. You’re seeing too much into that, it’s supposed to be a JOKE

  5. I don’t think you’re “seeing” enough in to it #4. It’s actually a parable for our multicultural generation. It can’t be a joke because it’s not funny.

  6. But surely the taxi drivers were also middle eastern?

  7. The moral of the story is: backpacks are filthy fucking racists.

  8. ^…that blow shit up

  9. Fake.

  10. crustylovelips

    Yo, LB! Rethink what you’ve just said. Elsior is a joke, as is T2000, and they’re not funny. So a joke can be unfunny.
    I don’t class Stever in the same context though as his shit, if nothing else, is fucking consistent.

  11. The taxi drivers are employing self preservation, plain and simple. Where I’m from he would have gotten the same responses. But our guys would not have been suspicious about it being a bomb, they would have been more concerned about it being drugs.

  12. Parable of our multicultural generation? That shit indeed is a joke.

  13. ^ That. It’s more like zerocultural.

  14. What kind of dumbass would put a laptop or any other valuable in a taxi without any supervision. That’s barely a step up from just giving the laptop to the first person you see on the sidewalk and hoping they take it to your friend on good faith. The prepayment offer is practically paying someone to steal your friend’s stuff.

  15. Yeah you’re right Crusty, proving your point further is the fact that my part was a joke that seemed hilarious to me past night after a few beers but in retrospect is about as funny as “I fucked Antony.”

  16. I thought I caught the autocorrects in my last post. I must have missed the little ones after changing “pricing your puny” to “proving your point.”

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