Monday, May 13, 2013

Brilliant Books

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  1. Well stop shopping in the kids section

  2. My favorites were always the Political Science books with pictures of children on them.

  3. Guy with a surfboard is just a way of grabbing the kiddies’ short attention spans.

  4. I like how textbooks try too hard to make their pictures multi-ethnic. And there was always that 1 kid in the wheelchair.

  5. Must be an American thing. My text books were always a picture of earth for the natural sciences and weird tron graphics for the hard sciences.

  6. I’ve always kind of pictured corporate meetings much the same way. Only with more drooling and walking into walls accidentally from all the inbreeding.

  7. Who’s Jim?

  8. I remember the tron looking books franky..but thats the only 1s n I couldnt remember them til u said that……drugs r baaad…mmkay

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