Friday, December 11, 2009

Ball Bustin’




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  1. bla bla bla bla bla bla

  2. Right all of this and none of this made sense… I am going home to wash the lameness off of me, it’s 18h30 here… then, some dinner, and a movie…

  3. Ha !!!! no more ” first” now ; p

  4. Hey, these three sort of go together in order.

  5. Wait, scrap the movie, it’s friday night, “let’s see if we can make it on to lamebook time”! 😀

  6. Sean, your girl doesn’t like you, but you have a car and she needs regular rides to the mall, so she lets you feel her up on alternating Saturdays. That’s the extent of “how she feels” as far as you’re concerned. Also, your friend Thomas has only a vague idea of what a tampon is, and has never seen a girl naked outside of the Internet.

    Steven, your status is barely intelligible, and Joe’s weak attempt at a dick joke was overplayed and lame.

    Ben’s was actually kind of funny.

  7. It’s nice to see the word “sweat” in the right context, instead of being a misspelling of “sweet”, as it normally appears.

    (As in “my bfs so sweat he got me flowers”, for example…)

    Shame about “too”, “small”, “sometimes” and “can’t”. Perhaps Joe was right, and Steven was typing one-handedly.

  8. @Sensible: Bit harsh – you’re not coming down with what Svetlana has are you? Thought all the responses were good. Love the way guys score points off each other with smart put downs. Keeps us on out toes, right?

    Nice painting of Sean’s backstory. I think you are bang on with him, but get Thomas wrong.

    And you’re not allowed to criticise nob gags, in the same way that the popular nob+balls graffiti is immune from criticism.

  9. “Life is too short to sweat the smal things but somethings you can’t just let things go” You mean like education, grammar and the letter L…?

    As for Quinn, all that fisting – he must have a sphinchter the size of the taj majal.

  10. Dick jokes will never be lame.

  11. @Colin – FTW!

    Quinn’s got a rectum like a clown’s pocket.

  12. Sean sounds a bit like some emo kid.

  13. Ben made me lol

  14. Well maybe grin.

  15. Sean makes me glad my angsty navel-gazing and overly sensitive teen years occurred before the internet, otherwise I’d probably have made a pathetic spectacle of myself too.

  16. I bet joe’s one of those pricks who uses that statement, or one very similar, to respond to pretty much anything and everything. Ben brings the lols though

  17. No matter what you say, it means you have a small dick.

    It’s really hard for me to get sweaty over the small things, but I’ll give it the ole college try.

  18. All 3 posts were worthy of ROFWPMSFL!!!

    Quin’s anus more than likely contains Timelord technology. Bigger on the inside than it is on the outside. That being said he will make a pretty penny.

  19. @Surprise: You’re a little touchy about the ‘small dick’ jokes… anything you want to tell us?

  20. The first one is obnoxious macho-posturing, I don’t even understand the second one (typing the word “small” means you have a small penis? something about sweating it or not letting it go?), the third is actually funny.

  21. @ 19 I’m a girl, I just think they’re WAY too overdone haha

  22. @22
    oh you can NEVER have enough of small dick…

  23. @ Anitalaff.

    Nope, that’s pretty much the problem with it!

  24. @Anitalaff: Where can i find myself a girl like you?

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