Friday, November 15, 2013

Balls & Tubes

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  1. Yeah Stever, go get your tubes tied.

    Aaah fuck, I’ve become one of them.

  2. Oh wait, FIRST!!

    Douche-bag conversion complete.

  3. Sorry LostDog, you were born a douchebag……

  4. Why would one want to avoid going to an activity center?

  5. ^ Childhood fear/accident with balls and tubes?

  6. ^ enthralling conversation thus far folks. Is the beginning of the end for Lamebook ?

  7. Sorry LostDog, you were born a douchebag……

    Everyone else, go fuck yourselves you cunts.

  8. Being a parent is awesome! I’m one of those guys playing in the park with the kids!
    Now I just need to find a woman to reproduce with.

  9. If you keep playing with strange kids, it’s your own fault if you get raped!

  10. If you keep trying to pick up women at the activity center, it’s your own fault if you get played.

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  13. ^ two parasites spamming against each other. Who will win?
    Sara is promising more $$$, I’m wondering if she is just targeting single moms is a mistake

  14. I still wonder who the fuck ‘likes’ the spam comments?

  15. ^ my guess is firstly the spammers, second guess StupidGerman. I’ve always wondered could Warren Buffett be behind the spammers?

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