Monday, August 22, 2011

One Big Baby

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  1. Ammey, Ammey, Ammey… -deep sigh-

  2. …and people give children dipshit names like ‘Ammey’ but last I checked this was a free country.

  3. *shouldn’t

  4. Hmmm….Maybe people who spell the word ‘allowed’ as ‘aloud’ shouldn’t be permitted to have babies because the cycle of abject stupidity will continue. But, then again, maybe I shouldn’t be allowed to have babies because I have schizoaffective disorder. Oh wait, I take my meds like I’m supposed to.

  5. littleredcorvette

    Maybe nobody should be allowed to have babies.

  6. I wonder if the body of the article said “schizophrenia”, because just reading the headline I assumed “psychosis” meant postpartum psychosis. And you’d need a time machine to stop women with postpartum psychosis from having babies.

  7. I see no one has yet commented on the poor math skills of Rion. 30 years old is a maximum of 95 trimesters (including the three in the womb). 125 trimesters would put her on the way to her 41st birthday

  8. Given that there are 3 months per trimester therefore 4 trimesters per year, it is lorgskyegon who is incorrect.

  9. I made an account solely to correct lorgskyegon, but looks like michaellll beat me to it.

  10. “Sanchez’s relatives told the Express-News that she had been diagnosed with postpartum psychosis, which can cause delusional thoughts and hallucinations”

  11. Thank you Memento!

  12. Ammey obviously doesn’t know that most people with schizophrenia lead pretty normal lives, nor do they hurt anyone (unless they’re severely mentally ill, and usually they harm themselves and not other people).

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