Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Mom Probs

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  1. Oliver reminds me of me as a child… Except I didn’t have the fucking wine tasting, painfully middle class, poncey Dickensian name.

  2. In before that fuck STEEEEEEEVERRRR!

  3. Oliver is 28.

  4. And then he got on a plane, and offered a sweater to a lady with no arms.

  5. You’re all a bunch of cunts. Fuck you!

  6. just as Mark explained I am shocked that a mother able to get paid $5520 in four weeks on the computer. go to the website… C­­a­­f­­e­­4­­4.ℂ­­ℴ­­ℳ

  7. Oliver’s behaviour reminds me of Stewart from MadTV.

  8. Congrats on raising a cunt.

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