Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Crushing Excuses

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  1. When referring to work, I’m gonna guess you’re not an attorney at a law firm

  2. Have fun playing while you’re unemployed!

  3. You are such a bunch of horrible bastards.

  4. STEEEEEEEVEEEENNNNN!!!! hit it hard. Noobsauce is my kind of mean, old fuck. STEEEEVERRRRR, however, is busy having a batch of Brazillian flapjacks drying on his back.

  5. What is candy crush even? I keep hearing about this game yet know nothing about it.

  6. Friendzone, there is this new site called Google that can help you out.

  7. Lauren’s pimp sounds kind of uptight for a Used Pussy Salesman.

  8. I’m drunk.

  9. Throatwobbler Mangrove

    I learn so much on Lamebook – great way to get more lives in Candy Crush.

  10. If you have iMessage and read receipts activated, turning the clock ahead will fuck your shit up.

  11. just as Mark explained I am shocked that a mother able to get paid $5520 in four weeks on the computer. go to the website… C­­a­­f­­e­­4­­4.ℂ­­ℴ­­ℳ

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