Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Bieber Burn!

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  1. albuns

  2. 147 Firsts on Lamebook!
    And a penis three times the size of Nicolas….

  3. In before STEEEEEEEVVVEEEERRRR!!! The douche….

  4. Or not…Stever sucks by a minute.

  5. You suck 24/7.
    Better luck next time douchebag!

  6. I fucking hate you all. Fuck, fuck, fuckedy fuck.

  7. It’s still up in time to hate Justin Bieber, just because…?

  8. a) This is self submitted, see the “alguns segundas atrás” -i.e comment was written “a few seconds ago”

    b) The comments in here used to be witty and intelligent, now they’re fucking lame.

    c) Steeeever is a douche and a troll, but even more sad than him are the annoying steeever clones who serve only to perpetuate his monotonous spam.

    d) Fuck this place! I’m out!

  9. I hate your mother’s vagina.

  10. I hate teeth whitening gel

  11. Well the biebs is rapidly losing his shit so it looks like his crash is coming up quick.

  12. Don’t let the door hit you Abe

  13. How is that a burn?
    Kid obviously has a penis. He fucked Selena Gomez for a year or two with it. Try again, Nicolas.

  14. I’ve always been resistant to change, why should I move with the times?

    I’m still making jokes about Whacko Jacko touching kids, I’ll get around to hating Bieber in a couple of years time.

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  16. Jesus wept. Has the comments section had a hostile takeover by an angry mob of pre-teens? I wish there were an option on this site to block comments so that my morbid curiosity wouldn’t keep dragging me down here!

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