Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Be Right There

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  1. That’s a nice pile of snow you got there.
    Would be a shame if someone were to force more global heating on us.

  2. The climate change is why the weather is more extreme. Isolated highs and lows will always happen. But the overall trend that can’t be disputed is that the overall temperature is raising and has been for the past few decades. The average temp continues to raise and can create other weather patterns like more extreme winters because of changes on the global level. Whether humans are to blame can be debated, but the fact that weather is changing can’t. It’s happening with or without people believing in it or thinking it’s a liberal conspiracy.

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  4. Human involvement can be debated, but the backing of 97% of scientists concerned with the matter gives good weight to one side. I’d say the debate would be called in any formal setting.

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