Friday, October 9, 2009

Beach Party


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  1. Uhmm, wow.

    I really hope this isn’t from the USA.

  2. Sabbir, Hytham, S.m., Sifat

    Good lord, the names! Just what in the fuck is going on here too?

  3. “is he always suck ur boobs?”

    I don’t even know what that’s asking. I’m guessing “Does he always suck your boobs?” But who would ask that?

  4. I had to look up “lyf”.

    “Sabbir is my love you forever <3"

    I hate people sometimes. I wish there was a to redeem my faith in humanity. Alas, there is not.

  5. he s trying to ask : is he the one who always sucks your boobs πŸ™‚ or thats what i am guessing.
    anyway , names are not familiar , i would like to know which country they re from. hopefully not from britain or the states…

  6. Guess these names are more common than thought. I just looked up Hytham and Iftekhar on Facebook (each name search yields over 500 members). Their networks are from all over the world – many from the U.S. too. So there’s no telling exactly where these folks are from. Just goes to show that lameness is a universal trait. It’s a proud day for our planet!

  7. #4, I think “lyf” is supposed to be the hip version of “life” or something. Alas, I am not cool enough to know for sure.

  8. It sounds like Arabic names to me.

    Those Muslims never shut up about tit-sucking do they? Alright! We get it!

  9. I think this series of comments should be featured here on Lamebook.

  10. @mccowles i think she (?) meant lyf as in a bastardized spelling of life. sabbir is my life. gag me.

  11. uhm. where are the names from?

  12. haha @ Jennifer, a proud day for our planet indeed.

  13. The names look Turkish to me, based purely on the few Turks I knew in college. And I find this to be more intelligible than many of the UK Lamebook entries, sadly enough.

  14. @jr
    these are not Turkish names

  15. these are probably arabic or lebanese names, not turkish

  16. Personally couldn’t give a shit about where these interesting and unusual names might have originated from; though they’re obviously somewhere in the english speaking world, no? It makes not a jot of difference to me, as I’m entirely egalitarian in my universal despair for humankind.

    The more interesting question is: what gender is ‘S.m.’?

  17. ^ Regardless of gender, S.m clearly has a limited grasp on language. I think we can all decipher his first post as asking about whether the guy sucks the girl’s boobs, but “you are a beach?” I’m assuming he’s calling her fat, but it seems a little out of context?

  18. i think he meant ‘bitch’

  19. Okay people, the names are Arabic names. “Hytham” is usually written as “Haytham” or “Haitham”.

    And to “a turk”, get to know Turkey’s neighbour just a little better, as they speak Arabic in Lebanon; saying “lebanese of arabic” is thus completely redundant.

  20. #9 agreed.

  21. This post is nothing compared to some others but I have to admit its probably my fav from the past few days. Apparently S.m has no shame as to what he writes to good old Brandi.

  22. Arabophile for the kill! Nice!

  23. Also, I’m too lazy to review all the comments, but I don’t think anyone mentioned how in the midst of all these odd names, we have plain ‘Brandi’ as well. Haha.

  24. Poor Brandz is nothing compared to Iftekhar and Hytham

  25. the names really are not that odd. they’re pretty common muslim names. people in other parts of the country have more imaginative names than just “jennifer” and “tom”, you know. i’m astounded by your ignorance.

  26. *whoops, i meant “world”, not “country”. my bad πŸ˜€

  27. @Beanstalk

    Yes, youre right. But it cant be denied that theyre just very different to what a lot of people are used to, hence their reactions.

  28. What? This is ridiculous.

  29. @a turk
    Probably Iranian, Afghani, or some (further) eastern Arabic country. I’m not Lebanese but I do live here and locals tend to be trilingual (arabic/french/english), but no dialect of Lebanese uses a ‘th’ and after five years in the country I’ve never met someone with the name “Sabbir,” or “Iftekhar”. The names in Lebanese would be, “Hisham,” “Sammir,” and, “Fakher.”

    I’ve got no clue what’s going on in this, and yeah, “Just goes to show that lameness is a universal trait. It’s a proud day for our planet!”

  30. @Beanstalk: If you look at the comments before this, people were talking about the ‘odd’ names and where they might be from. Yeah, it’s odd to us not living there, but I know there are more “imaginative” names, retard.

  31. I wonder if there is someone with a superiority complex sat at his computer in Beirut lecturing the internet on how the western world has more imaginative names such as ‘Jennifer’ and ‘Tom’?

  32. I’m a Jennifer who wants to name her kid “Thom”, but instead they’re probably going to get a Punjabi name like Harkiran or something. BORING.
    I thought calling her a “beach” was the funniest part of that exchange. Who cares what their names are?

  33. I friended a random egyptian on facebook, and I never unfriended her because her and all of her friends type like this, and I love trying to figure out what nonsense they’re saying. It’s funny to a native english speaker, but it’s really just ignorant to hate for not spelling properly. the point of language is to communicate, and they all communicate with themselves fine. Imagine that their english is very thickly accented, and they’re just phonetically spelling it out…

  34. Brandi has five days
    Until she gets her boobs sucked
    by Sabbir, the beach.

  35. Is my lyf, which means, is my life. The language is called Afrikaans and is spoken in South Africa. It is a mixture of Dutch and German. The names don’t sound South African, except for Brandi.

  36. Jane, actually “is my lyf” in Afrikaans means “is my body” in English. I don’t think these people are Afrikaans, judging by their names and use of relatively unknown english slang.

    I think she was writing her shorthand for “is my life”.

  37. … and my inner geek is smiling at post #29 – “@a Turk” – I bet old Ataturk’s ghost is also pleased his name found a place in 21st century blogdom.

  38. Nik, oops sorry, you are correct. My Afrikaans is nie soos goed so dit was nie.

  39. hahhaa Ja jy dink.

  40. @ann and Joshua

    yeah, you’re probably right… lyf = life. I should’ve seen that. I could’ve made fun of so many other things, if my mind didn’t concentrate so hard on a non-existent acronym.

  41. Hmmm, did not know the Saudi’s had access to Facebook…

  42. Oh man, hahaha, that was too good.

  43. Aw man. He referred to a bitch party.

  44. Sabbir, Ifthekar, Sifat – most likely Pakistani or Bangladeshi names (more common for them than Arabs). Definitely Muslim, but that doesn’t really have any relation to their convo… it’s hilarious regardless of where they’re from

  45. @ madison ave

    Iran and Afghanistan are not “Eastern Arabic countries”.

    I facedesk at your ignorance.

  46. Face desk im hoping means throwing ur head into a hard surface until u bleed to death or break ur neck, morbidlyyyy

  47. ^^ doing it wrong.

  48. “Is he always suck ur boobs?????????”

  49. “U r a beach….” i wonder which one he’s talking about.. i’d like to go there.

  50. “Iftekhar” sounds like the name of a mortal kombat character

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