Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Becoming a Woman…

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  2. because knowing your dad prefers watching sweaty men preening and running about, hugging and groping each other’s asses is way better.
    After all, it’s what the rest of the mouth-snuffling herd does.


  3. How does this family not have Tivo?

  4. necrophiliac64258

    broken man

  5. No ass grabbing in baseball, you must be thinking of that other ESPN show, Buttman goes to Rio.

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  7. are you stupid? do a google image search for ‘baseball assgrab’.
    am I lying about all those pictures right there of dozens of cock & ass rubs?

  8. I shall not image search that you pervy old slag. However what you may have seen are merely encouragement rubs, not ass grabs.

  9. exactly why do they need to encourage each other’s penises?

  10. Look, if you’re having a hard time with your boss and colleague then you just need to enter a certain site.

  11. devoyager, the bum-pat and the crotch-grab are universally acknowledged symbols of ‘great goal/hit/strike/kick/try/touch down/etc.’

    If you want to live in denial, fine. But don’t try and drag others into your fantasy world.

  12. I don’t have any sort of DVR. I also don’t have cable or satellite TV. Just over the air and streaming apps.

  13. devoyange doesn’t have anything more to add.
    he’s off questioning his sexuality .

  14. good for shim.

  15. me: devagina, you’re wrong. you’re incredibly wrong and there is a wealth of photographic evidence to support how fucking wrong you are.

    devagina: well you’re a poopy-head. and you must be very angry.

    me:… you’re a fucking idiot.

  16. If they didn’t crotch rub, how else would he get good wood on the ball?

  17. *balls.

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