Monday, July 6, 2009

Best Fwends


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  1. Wow you have a gun… You are so cool… NOT!

  2. America! Fuck yeah!

  3. This is the ultimate lamebook!

  4. cartman aged 35

  5. It’s really a shame we can’t see this guy’s eyes. Somehow I’m guessing the crazy look in them would add to the hilarity.

  6. I din get it…whats lame?

  7. @ rahaul… why do you come on this site?

    This post makes me so proud to be from the south and also Texas… uh… not.

  8. He’s got bad trigger discipline.

  9. This shit is terrifying.

  10. The jeopardy clue is “this is the complete opposite of a New York histper.”

    Answer: “What is this fucking guy?”

  11. Love it!

    No, I’m not from Texas, or anywhere in the South.

  12. So when you shoot the illegal immigrants do you eat them as well?

  13. @Tom H:

    immigrants are friends (or, in some cases, workers…), not food.

  14. Finger off the goddamn trigger!!!

  15. i love how the flag is in his left hand too

  16. Ooh tough guy, you’re making me hot……….not.

  17. Americans suck

  18. You have to wonder how small his penis really is. Amerikuhhh, FUCK YEAH!

  19. Is that a regulation KFC uniform polo he’s wearing? The American Dream in digital, I say …

  20. Best friends ? … ONLY friends !!

  21. Coming again to save the mother fuckin’ day yeah!

  22. Look at him! He’s so patriotic! He’s so tough!

  23. If you see anything wrong with a man who has a strong sense of national pride and a love for guns (which in addition to being great self-defense tools, are also just really, really fun), I have news for you:

    Someone who preaches about intolerance is wrong. Hint: it’s you.

  24. The only thing lame about this picture is his trigger discipline. Come on man, get your damned finger off that trigger!!!

  25. This picture is the definition of fucking awesome. And America. And thus, excellence.

  26. Thank fuck I'm not American

    “If you see anything wrong with a man who has a strong sense of national pride and a love for guns (which in addition to being great self-defense tools, are also just really, really fun)”

    @23, you are what is wrong with this world. This is why every country BUT America hates America.

  27. I agree with the above statement. And by the way, John Key was wrong. New Zealand DOES hate america as much as everyone else.

  28. Only complete nimrod would post this, and even worst, post it showing that he is an imbecile when it comes to the safe handling of a firearm. Get yer finger off the trigger you retard!

  29. I’ve never held a handgun, and yet, I have better knowledge of the proper handling of a firearm than people who own dozens of them. FML.

  30. But that’s the way big tough guys in movies hold guns so it’s GOTTA be right, surely?

    I love how he’s posing his shoulders and tensing his arms up to try and look like he’s muscular rather than just a flabby redneck. xD

    While I don’t agree with the whole standpoint of hating America as a whole seeing as there’s plenty of Americans who I’m sure get even more pissed off than us casual observers at the admittedly large douchebaggery element of their countrymen… This particular brand of “patriotic” American can suck a wang just the same as the minority of the English who rage about immigration and wave flags.

  31. this is a part of the picture that we don’t see, because it’s happening right inside his head … this is an extract of what he is thinking:


  32. “AMERICA! F*CK YEAH!” What a jackass…

  33. i’m from germany, but i don’t see what’s wrong about this picture (aside from the trigger discipline). If there’s something wrong with being patriotic and having a hobby (guns happen to be this guys hobby) then what is the problem? It seems here that people are tolerant…to viewpoints they agree with. It has nothing to do with america or anything else, it’s just this guy liking his country and liking guns.

  34. ^I like this guy rey. He knows what’s up

  35. Wow thet Eujune looks pow’ful right fine

  36. Maybe he just REEEEEEEEEEEEEALLY loves that flag :p

  37. What’s wrong with this picture is that the gentleman pictured has his booger hook on the bang switch. This is unsafe pistol handling. Get your finger off the trigger until you are ready to shoot!

  38. Rico, he was protecting the fence from the people trying to climb over it off-camera to the right

  39. not trying to be to much of a gun nut, but unless S&W does a Glock Copy, id say thats whats wrong with the picture aswell…

  40. I absolutely LOVE the half-assed blur job on this one. Gee, the censor is so wonderful I’d NEVER recognize him if I saw him in person. And I agree with all the gun safety screamers. Someone break his trigger finger so he doesn’t have the chance to continue endangering innocent people with his ignorance.

  41. I would say I have good sense of humor and like laughing at someones expense, but it’s a guy with a gun… and his countries flag…I seriously doubt he’s going for the “Oh I’m a badass look” rather than the “I’d kill for the country I love” look, which is admirable to a logical person of a proud country. Geeze some people just want to talk shit to talk shit. They’re called nobodys.

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