Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Big Daddies

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  1. Lamebook posts.

  2. Wow, a family portrait…. a special time.

  3. I’ve been looking for a new toilet bowl cleaner, I wonder if it worked.

  4. Calenthedestroyer

    This isn’t funny, this is just sad. Anyone who flips people off in pictures with their children isn’t exactly the best role model to be a parent.

  5. Daddy’s a stand up father. Look, he even opted not to put pants on his kid to save on laundry for the Mrs.

  6. Calenthedestroyer

    Ah, you’re right eenerbl. I take it back, he’s a stand up father. And by that, I mean good material for comedians to use. 😛

  7. both of these made me die a little inside

  8. Arielle definitely needs to find new friends. And not just to replace the ‘friends’ she has, because they are obviously anything BUT. And as far as ‘Daddy’, um, flicking off the camera was cool when I was 16. I was 16 in 1989. And in front of your kids? Double-fail.

  9. That’s because he is a bum and lives in his carpet trooper…

    Bleh his fathers drugs were most probably smoked/injected/snorted by his mother…c’mon who cleans toilets with drugs? Hmmm…. Maybe someone who is on drugs does!

  10. I know “Katina”.
    A shining example of why people shouldn’t breed.
    Believe me, the “daddy” is actually (despite appearances) way too good for her. Get the picture?
    Oh and it’s winter in Aus.. and the kid has no pants. Way to go!

  11. Calenthedestroyer

    Agreed. It’s a pathetically vulgar way of trying to tell society “I’m cool, and I don’t care what you think.” A rather unimpressive way of achieving dominance over whoever the viewer of the picture is, a cry for attention, nay, a cry for love. A pathetic cry, like the cry of a drowning animal. Yearning to be heard in a world that doesn’t understand, defending against it with a cocky smile and a middle finger. A primitive, uneducated, ignorant beast that feasts on the blood of kittens before going back to his lifetime job at the gas station, where he works hard and doesn’t get no appreciation, yo.

  12. omg people get over yourselves. you’ve forgotten what its like to be young. I mean look at that kid, he’s like 18.

  13. What kind of car is that?

  14. im pretty sure its a 93-94 Supra

  15. Calenthedestroyer

    18 isn’t the best age to start parenting. Wonder if this guy has a steady job or if he’s mooching off the lady.

  16. sorry arielle… ;:-(

  17. okay, that little baby can’t be a day under 2, and that’s still stretching it. so why is this “first pic ever of daddy and the 2 kids together” ?

  18. This is so sad, especially the way the little guy is clinging to him with such a big smile.

  19. Chinchillazilla


    I’m gonna guess Daddy just got out of prison.

  20. @cavale I actually noticed that *before* I noticed he was flipping off the camera. Wow.

  21. Calenthedestroyer

    That, or he’s the new boyfriend who needs to take care of the kids- “daddy.”

  22. FIRST picture ever of them together?
    Those kids look in the toddler age, and they have never taken a picture of them and their father?
    Sad childhood.

  23. My guess the car is a Ford of some sort and this is an Australian post.. This is a pretty typical picture of someone who live in rural Australia… Kids with barely any clothes, drop kick father and Mother who is blind to see how “bogan/redneck” they appear.
    But that is just a guess.

    You’d think a father would appreciate the first picture a little more…

  24. Daddy also has a cigarette in his hand! Father of the year

  25. if this is the first pic of them together, I’m not too surprised he’s flipping off the camera, since it’s already clear he doesn’t give a shit about the kids.

    Arielle’s friends are fucked up, but hilarious.

  26. The Hobo is sad. 🙁

  27. You’re not the only on Hobo! I’m going to have another drink and get back to my book. It will make me feel better.

  28. Actually I’m pretty sure i’ts a Ford Falcon AU ute. Props to him for not dirving a Holden :p

  29. Yeah ok, this is sad stuff, but shit happens. Unfortunately for some kids this is their lot in life. This is a hard idea to grasp for the many of us that come from good upbringings.

    I’m with slippy, that boy is bloody young. But hey, check out the kids. They look happy, right? That’s the thing about young kids – they’ll love their parents no matter what they’re like, or how the parents treat them. It’s the way it goes.

    But the anger/hate/resentment will come for them soon enough.

  30. On that sobering note, I’m going to the pub. I need to fix that.

  31. @delphinius – it is winter in Oz (not that im sure exactly how you figured that’s where the pic came from) but like some nice places in the world, winter can be pretty warm too if your in the north.. so getting some facts straight would b my first suggestion.

    I cant be bothered rambling about these, @ wordpervert Ditto on the thoughts and the drink 🙂

  32. up

  33. nm

  34. Oh… just wow. I feel really bad for the kids of that idiot.

  35. Awww. What a precious family memory. I think it should be blown up and framed and put in pride of place in the lounge room so everyone who comes round can see it.

  36. It could actually just be the first pic of dad and 2 babies on facebook. It could be the 10,000nd. Big deal. And he’s just flippin off his baby mommy. Who cares? He does look a bit young to have 2 kids compared with what’s normal nowadays. That just increases the probabability that rational thinking is not his strong suit. I’m bored. Ok, time to wipe.

  37. Paranoid Android

    A picture paints a thousand words, most of them pious, sanctimonious, second-guessing bullshit.

    Fail, on so many levels.

    Time to self-medicate.

  38. Look at his pointer finger. I don’t think the flip-off was intentional. I think he was holding his cigarette (no better, really), and unfortunately, it now looks like he’s flipping off the camera.

  39. ratcoonlover – well you’re at least right about the “blown up” part.

  40. wait,how do you know that guy is from Australia & that its winter where hes at..? did i miss something or are you just assuming..

    and i think abbys might be right about the whole cig thing..
    anyway,those kids are kinda old to be having their first picture with daddy,but hey,maybe he is the new bf or something..

    and the first one..why the hell would you clean your toilet with drugs you melted in bleach..?
    why wouldnt you just flush whatever it was,now you have bleachy meth/pill/whatever fumes in your bathroom..

  41. They know he’s Aussie cos it’s a falcon Ute, and we know it’s winter here because, well, we’re here…. And it’s cold. :/

  42. oooohh,i see,i see,yeah theres no way i wouldve figured that out..

  43. The wrong people are breeding.

  44. I don’t think he’s flipping the camera off, I think he’s just holding his cigarette in a rather unfortunate way. She can’t be that stupid to “love” the only picture of her kids and their father while he’s flipping the bird.

  45. I bet Katina’s babies’ daddy is a brain surgeon or a rocket scientist. You can tell from his intelligent pose.

  46. …or Levi Johnston.

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