Friday, August 2, 2013

Bird Block

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  1. Guy must have some extra time on his hands to be chirping birds and telling his FB friends about it…

  2. What a fucking eavesdropper.

  3. If he did cock block the bird, chances are he’s overweight with body odour from the dancefloor contained in his body rolls that have set into a brown-grey paste that scrubs off in the shower

  4. *cloaca blocked

  5. The birds were fighting.

  6. Helped the homeless? No.
    Fed the hungry? Not.
    Clothed the naked? Nope.
    Cockblocked a bird? Yep…and bragged about it.
    How’s that virginity working out for ya?

  7. It’s the closest Anders has got to a pair of tits.

  8. ^Speaking of tits, wouldn’t it be funny to literally try to nurse off a girl the first time you sleep with her? Her mind would be blown.

  9. Friendzone, let us know how that goes for you when… or if… you ever get the opportunity

  10. ^What you think I’m crazy?!?

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