Monday, August 12, 2013


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  1. Sweet, he scored hisself some dope-ass breadsticks!

  2. Isabel should ground him.

  3. are those containers of weed? who labels weed?

  4. They come labeled like that when you get it from a medical marijuana dispensary

  5. Hmmmm…. I’m not sure if Jesse could pass the Turing Test.

  6. You know medical marijuana is a joke when 95% of their customers are people like this. Can we just legalize the shit so people can stop making a mockery out of its medicinal use, using “i’m an insomniac” as an excuse?

  7. @6: In California, they just have pot doctors. You go there, you say anything (like, “I have headaches” or “I’m stressed out” or “I’m painfully un-high”) and they give you a “prescription.” I agree — the stuff is already virtually legal, so just legalize it already!

  8. #6 It’s virtually impossible to strike laws from the books these days. Corruption has gotten to the point that anytime there is a new law made a small industry of people end up employed indirectly by the law. Since the “war on drugs” is such a hot topic it drives up campaign funding just by saying it. There is just too much money involved to simply strike it despite the majority of people agreeing with you.

  9. So (a pissy amount of) money and medicinal marijuana(well done, yanks).. What’s that carrot looking thing and the hot pink item?

  10. Breadsticks, dipshit.

  11. Those breadsticks look an awful lot like blunts.

  12. At #9: cigars (I think, but I may be wrong) and the hot pink package looks like Swisher Sweets (mini cigars).

  13. Of course they’re cigars. You morons actually believed people joking that they were breadsticks or carrots? Sheesh.

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