Monday, August 12, 2013

Hold It!

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  1. That’s why I only play games that come on 3.5″ floppies.

  2. I didn’t know those Xbox 360 discs were so sensitive. Who knew!

  3. Call of duty?
    What’re you, 12?

  4. Yeahhhh, that’s why I always put mine in their case….no, actually, I’m a liar. I lay those fuckers on top of the xbox. I’m going for record RROD’s. Of course, I’m sure Microsoft can help me out with that…bastards.

  5. This is why no one likes girl gamers. Because they make it a point to let everyone know that they are a broad that plays video games. This one is so desperate, like many girls I see that play online (not all but many) who have to let everyone know that they are a girl. If she really played games she wouldn’t hold the disks like that. Rubbing them together like that could give the disks topside damage as well as scratches, and there’s no way she didn’t just get fingerprints all over them.

  6. oh, hai girl gamerz! tits or GTFO…

  7. real ‘girl gamers’ don’t call themselves ‘girl gamers’, they just call themselves gamers.

  8. Attacking girl gamers for being ‘fake’ is just really stupid. They’re accused of only ‘pretending’ to like games – why the hell would they do that? What do they gain from it apart from being harassed by dudes who want gaming to make boys club? Maybe they just like games, geez.

  9. *’What do they gain from it, apart from being harassed by dudes who want to make gaming boys club?’ (fixing a grammar error in my last comment)

  10. Many girl gamers want the attention and then complain about it. And 99 percent of guys lose their shit when girls say they game, I’ve never seen a guy get pissy because he thinks gaming should be a sausage fest. Girls know this which is why you see the gamer tags and clan tags letting everyone know that yes not only are they playing games like everyone else but they also have a vagina.

  11. and I didn’t say all were like that, just many. There’s some way kickass female gamers out there but there the ones that are kicking ass instead of letting the world know that their girls, and/or complaining about the attention they get for it.

  12. At this point with smartphones pretty much every one is a gamer to some extent.

  13. Oh look, another silly bitch giving us girl gamers a bad name. Thanks for nothing you stupid cow.

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