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  1. What is “tra” and I sure hope this was a baby.

  2. What does she mean by ‘girl’s new carpet’ ? O_O

  3. I understand the main point here, but I get awfully lost when I try to understand the whole thing…

  4. Thumbs up

  5. Thesaurapist 13(F)

    Guessing: ‘tra’ is like ‘bye’ (tara) – or ‘ta’ (thanks)
    Sounds aussie or english to me.
    ‘the girls new carpet’ is the new carpet belonging to Con and Caitlin, presumably the girls babysitting shitty Jake.

    Clutching at straws?

  6. tra means bye in chavvy english

  7. @Thesaurapist 13(F)

    I assumed that as well.

    I’m guessing she’s from Manchester (amd as a futher guess the Moss Side part)

  8. I know this girl and Jake is 22 years old and works at Applebee’s as a server. I’m not sure why he needed to make a race track that badly.

    He’s not much of an “artist”, so I bet the race track turned out pretty shitty.

  9. *and

  10. ………….?

  11. “Tra” is not necessarily Chav GB Englilsh, just colloquial. Used in many parts of the country, not just Manchester’s Moss Side.

  12. mcowles! Hahahaha!

  13. ^no

  14. tra is not used by anyone outside of “the north”….. and it is chav,

  15. Nope, Pink is correct. I’ve lived in many different areas of the UK and I’ve heard “trah” has been used all over. Especially in the West Midlands.

  16. t’ra isn’t chav language, people use it all through Derbyshire & Nottinghamshire, up here in Sheffield too.

    For all our American comrades, it’s just a colloquial way of saying “goodbye”.

  17. west midlands is north of watford right?

    ergo… the north.

  18. tra (tarah) is also used by Scottish people to say goodbye, my Grandfather used that or cherrio. It is not chavvy!

  19. Yet another one for STFU, Parents. Why all the overshare? I don’t get it!

  20. That kid has some serious issues.

  21. brings a whole new meaning to shit stains

  22. Okay, I get it now. Very unfortunately worded, and not a creepy feces fetish/incest situation.

  23. Joley has a bizarre sense of humor if she thinks a kid smearing shit all over a carpet is “soooo funny!”.

    Oh, and WTH kind of name is ‘Joley’ anyway?

  24. When my brother was a baby he had a mushy poop buffet right out of his diaper. When my dad when to check on him he was sitting there in his crib with it smeared everywhere and it was stuck in the roof of his mouth. And he wasn’t crying or making an ‘UCK’ face. He loves to be reminded about that.

  25. Ahem…I meant ‘went’ not ‘when’. I’ve just grammar/typo policed myself.

  26. Dee, I think you’re my alter ego. Or maybe the other way around. My brother remade the New York skyline with his poop. I think there was some plasticine and action figures involved, too. My theory is he was recreating Gotham City.

  27. I am pretty sure I know this girl. She is always going OTT on the updates of what/where/when her kids have shit/pissed/thrown-up. It’s totally awesome!!!! (sarcasm)

    As for the “tra” bit, I am sure she means bye. We use it here in Wales. I wouldn’t say it was exclusively a chav saying, but they probably do use it. I mean, they steal everything else…

  28. ahaha i guess im easily amused but sam’s comment made me laugh so bad :L

  29. Oh hell no….HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

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