Friday, March 16, 2012

Bless Your Little…

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  1. Mehehehe @ tigerwoods – sooooooooo many people agree with you.
    @ the post – ugly hamster!

  2. So much troll food.

  3. It’s The Rise of The Idiot.

    as ’twas foretold.

  4. Hawkbit, you’re boring. You’re supposed to make this fun, and entertaining, and for someone who claims not to care what anyone on the internet thinks, are you trying to make something here out to be a popularity contest instead of what it really is? (the comments section on lamebook). I wasn’t aware picking out various squares in a very specific order on a keyboard was hard, but It’s ok, I understand. I’m not mentally deficient, even I can do that without managing to cock it up. What I am, is colourful, but not rainbow colourful, the foul mouthed whimsical type. Rainbows are for fags, and hippies. If I’m going to agree with you on anything here it’s that a rodent is NOT a tiger, it’s reptile food. And those concerned with damagecontrol’s microwave idea, don’t be so quick to dismiss such creativity, ADD to it. Instead of putting a mouse in there, lets find a microwave big enough to fit that Bengal Hawkbit singlehandedly fought off. I’d pay to fucking watch that! What are you going to do next? Accuse me of pressing too many fucking keys? Has anyone ever reached lamebooks character limit? Does it even have one? I was being fucking nice you tool, but if you want to talk shit you can go back to sodomizing your sister and eating mayonnaise sammiches with uncle cletus. I’ll be be reasonable with you dude if you stop acting like a nancy boy, otherwise clear off before I slap you with my bell end! πŸ˜›

  5. stomabeutel v1.1 with added empathic capabilities

    @51 you’re back? Really? Speak for yourself and not behalf of others. To me you’re nothing more than an oddly dried piss stain. Now go fuck yourself, with a broken bottle.

  6. Fuck off Mass – you’re boring.

    Sam girl, I’m not with you, or against you. Not because of your opinions, to me they are irrelevant. I’m just hoping that in some crazy fucking way, that if everyone here is nice to you that for some reason you’ll post a link to a picture of your boobies. Then we would have some real ammunition to mock you with.

  7. @54 if you really want to get creative why not stuff hawkbit and the tiger in there together. THAT should be entertaining. @ the hawking idea. Dude that shot is fucking ace. I’ve watched falconers go to work and watched blokes use wedge tailed eagles. Your right too, the way they demolish their kills us something to see. That’s better than using a gun πŸ™‚

    And hi Sam.You still gotta hit me up sometime πŸ™‚

  8. @Bacch, I know you’ll read this you son of a bitch. Just had a peek at your blog, the most recent picture you posted of Sam Girl…I’m going to be a walking hard-on all day after seeing that whale. I thank you. @DC, I wouldn’y be too sure; BACCHANTE THE WHORE has a picture. Makes you want to tear your eyes out.

  9. Lol really:o

  10. As usual poor Bac was looking for some acknowledgement again.

  11. You really don’t like bacch do you sababe?

  12. @stomabeutel? who are you again? nobody here knows / cares what YOU have to say????? seriously, fuck off?!
    @dc – πŸ˜‰
    @ms – yaaaaaawn.
    @crusty – show me yours and i’ll show you mine πŸ™‚ im slutty like that yeah ms?

  13. Sounds to me like I’ve got you in my hand Sam :p

  14. @stomabeutel I care what you have to say, don’t listen to Sam she’s just an internet bully. and Sam, i would but i have neither a penis or a vagina..

  15. Yeah that sounds fair too Sam. I’ll show you mine and you show me yours. Crusty can always come join the party

  16. I would watch, and proceed to vomit as Sam’s vagina engulfs your hand, followed by your arm and then consumes your entire body. I would try to run, but the vacuum from her maw of a vagina would drag me back, no matter how hard I dug my bleeding finger nails into the creaky floorboards of her run-down crack-house.

    Across the globe, Bacchante would be tanning her fat ass on the beach when what she mistakes for a cloud, blocks out the sun. In fact it’s fat sam, in search of a new food source after eating all the fishes of the ocean. She is instantly plunged into an icy blackness. A chill so cold her nipples stand erect like soldiers standing to attention. In the confusion and darkness Bacchante stumbles, skewering the eyeballs of 17 innocent children on her javelins she calls nipples. You really want that DC? For the love of the children, keep her legs closed!

  17. It sounds like something we could expect on the 21st December 2012 – The end is NEAR! I will keep my legs closed untill then, just for you, sweet, sexy, cuddly, wuddly crusty <3

    Internet Bully?! ME?!!?!?!? NEVER!!!!!!

  18. #56 Yeah, and you’re entertaining? Not even close, bitch.

  19. This reminds me of the old ‘Check out the furry little mammalian in my pocket’ routine.

    ‘Haha! Fooled you, it’s a reptile really.. a big fucking milk spitting snake’

  20. @61 I don’t have a problem with her, but i wana see what the fuss is about, coz she just love doing it to me, even at the risk of it making her look like an idiot.

  21. I come on lamebook often, but comment relatively rarely. But it never fails to amaze me how many people, like tigerwoods there, create an account just to tell msanne they dislike him/her (i’m gonna go with it to save time). I think we should begin counting the number of accounts created due to msanne and that can be used as a measure of his/her success as a misanthropic (not sure if that’s a word) character. Whether msanne is just an online persona or a real reflection of it in real life is irrelevant, without it lamebook would be a lot less interesting and would have only about half the members.

  22. Oh yeah, and @sababe and @sam, shut up. Stupid cunts. @crusty, your comments rarely fail to make me come close to pissing myself with laughter!

  23. stomabeutel v1.1 with added empathic capabilities

    Sam aint no internet bully, she’s just a little cranky after my constructive criticism. My comment was my personal opinion as I speak solely for myself, Sam however is just looking from some sympathy cos she’s also suffering some serious butt hurt. Oh and let me correct you on one thing, sammy; it’s nobody knows you and nobody cares what you have to say. Speak for yourself, it’s okay to have your own opinion.

    PS You’re still my favorite South African Chinese! Even after seeing your picture on that blog. PS2 is that a lemon or an infection?

  24. Sam tbh, the thought of you gives me a wide on. An actual wide on.

  25. I actually took the time to read all this, to distract me from a horrible day. Made it worse, I guess. I thought this page had style, somehow. And I donΒ΄t understand why anybody would hate a hamster that much.

  26. Wow cupid that was so interesting… But I was not in need of a bedtime story yet. Oh and another thing,before telling people to shut up, make sure that you are interesting enough to be acknowledged, I am not in the least trying or interested, but I got you to waste some of your valuable time and energy to acknowledge me bitch, more than I can say for you, now kindly crawl back into your mouldy cum drenched lair and get your monkey to sodomise you again.

  27. ^ Things that make you go “hmmm..”: Saying someone isn’t interesting enough to be acknowledged while acknowledging them.

  28. …not only that, but the lazy cunt just recycled all the insults we threw at her last week.

  29. @Captain Did you not see me when I said you are trying too hard? Or can you not stop it? @Damage you would not have the testicular fortitude to say that to Eviscerate’s face

  30. Haha, if my penis looked as cute as that I’d pet it all day!

    …….Who’m I kidding?

  31. Is that the name of the Ginger tabbycat you beat down singlehanded? Or was that your online screen name for WOW?

  32. @77 I was giving him what he craved so much so he can shut the fuck up and 78 don’t flatter yourself, I dont find you amusing in any way so why would I even remember anything you say to me… go get a life wont ya.

  33. Hawk, it’s beyond me why you seem to take this shit so serious, am I wrong in thinking that? I’ve tried being civilized with you, but you seem to want to carry on like a fucking child. This thread is pretty much dead. Please quit summoning me. I truly am getting bored with this back and forth shit on the dude gripping his furry penis thread. I respond because it would be considered rude for me not to. Maybe I don’t understand, so, by all means dude, feel free to explain. WHAT exactly are you accusing me of trying too hard at? I’m here for me, not anyone else. Yes I enjoy interacting with the other personalities here. I’m NOT the only person on here that does that, but just because some of us may agree on certain things doesn’t mean there’s some fucking special clique or secret society. This is EXACTLY what it looks like, a comments section, people comment on shit, even if it IS off topic, but who REALLY gives a damn? Is that a crime? The only things I’ve gathered is that you keep repeating yourself, kind of like a troll that accused someone of being racist, asks them to explain something, and saying oh, I’m sorry if you’re not, I was just curious, but are you? Successfully catching people in a loop. Other than that, what IS the purpose of you repeating yourself? Were you just upset or offended because I picked you for my snarky comment of the day? You provided the opening man, You COULD have at least been a good sport about it and had a little fun with it instead of reading too much into my smartass comment.

  34. ^tl;dr stfu.

  35. People in here are too touchy.
    Ironic that I should say that right :p

  36. Fuck off piper

  37. I’m pretty sure according to extensive research, and cracked dot com that “tl;dr” is on the top ten list of stupid and annoying phrases used by morons on the internet. I believe it’s claimed that to even use it implies that you actually did read it and just want to be a twat, your lack in any ability to insult me is downright depressing. Bad news guy, “tl;dr is one of those overused acronyms used by wannabe hipsters pretending to be clever “JICYDK”, so that makes you a poser, too. Which totally negates everything you just said, piper. They also claim that you’re now doomed to have a really big book fall on your head, and that is inevitably how your pathetic, lazy excuse for a human being is going to die. I’d like to give you the benefit of the doubt, since I’m trying to be nice to cunts like you today, but that doesn’t make your sorry ass any less illiterate and uneducated. 10 Points to whoever can decipher this one for the piper before he manages to pick a peck of pickled peppers…”SL@SMPAL2R”

  38. I believe that “tldr” is used by morons who found the comment too long, so they truthfully didn’t read it. They DID however feel the need to share their moronic laziness with the rest of the world. I also believe that tldr-ers are the same dumb cunts who read comics and magazines instead of real books or verbose journals. However, it is a handy way of figuring out who isn’t (and never will be) educated past a C-grade secondary school level. This can be helpful.

  39. Capn Jock and Bacchante,

  40. @Cap You are taking this much more seriously than me…

  41. There has been extensive research done focusing solely on people who use “tl;dr”? That seems like a big waste-o-time. I think you are exaggerating, sir.

  42. Oh, no, Cracked writers spend hours researching these sorts of things.

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