Friday, March 16, 2012


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  1. Fuck you, Chelios!

  2. well played sam. honest mistake, who hasn’t mistaken their grandparents for cock n balls.

  3. god damn you beatus.

  4. Why would you even have a picture of man junk with a picture of your grandparents?

  5. And beatus, wat.

  6. Not black, but i’ll take it.

  7. oh fer fuck sake, WHO DID THE STRIKE THROUGH AGAIN?!

  8. Why won’t someone just help him so he can get back to playing Cock Band?

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  10. Ewwwww, he’s got an outy!!!

  11. Actually he has a couple of outies. Maybe that’s what he meant by a cute couple.

  12. I thought this was Lamebook not a porn site.

  13. it’s even more embarrassing when you make the opposite mistake. i was trying to send a dick pic to a lady and accidently sent a picture of my dead grandparents. oh…wait…no, that IS my dick. it’s the angle i took it at that REALLY makes it look like my grandparents.

  14. Cutest couple o’ balls I ever did see. And footloose is right, lets face it Grandparents do take on a very scrotal appearence don’t they?

  15. Probably just a guy who wanted to show off his penis, but wanted to pass it off as a “mistake”. Chicks do it all of the time, no reason to suppose that dudes don’t as well.

  16. the blur is to his knee? i guess lamebook decided he’d been through enough at least make him look huge.

    or he photoshopped and waited for his phone to be hacked until he realized he’s not a drunk celebrity.

  17. jesuschristanlsuperstar

    What is going on here?

  18. Judging by the length of those blurry pixels I’d say he’s got nothing to be ashamed of. If I was hanging ten like that i’d “accidentally” post my schlong on FB too.

  19. If this is a genuine post, then it’s really bloody funny.

    Ok, beatus, you’ve shown us your comment-screwing capabilities several times. You’re done now, I hope.

  20. Word, I’ll keep it sparse from now on. I don’t want it to be overused. Maybe once a week or something.

  21. Must… resist… “That’s what she said” joke…

  22. Holy fuck, I’m not even going to bother reading all this nonsense…just going to assume were all thinking the same thing. How the fuck do confuse your cock n’ balls with your dead g-parents…They’re both probably all wrinkly and shit but wtf…dude just posted his ding-a-ling on f/b for all to see…cute couple (of balls?) I guess is what he’s trying to say. He deserves a gold star ftw.

  23. Lol @ the one saying “its nice”

  24. This is facebook’s fault; you would think they could catch nudity and refuse to post it. I’ll test it out, see if they have done something about it.

  25. Nope, you can still do it. I wonder how long they will leave it up…?

  26. How did you test it, you didn’t post a picture of your cock too, did you, Hawkbit? You did didn’t you? You damned dirty ape you!

  27. bahahaha oh man this cracks me up

  28. Hawk, they leave nude pics up until someone complains. So if your friends are as depraved as I think they are, your picture will be up until the fall of civilisation.

  29. hawk, i doubt your penis would fall under “porn” , but as above said something “friends” , you’d first need friends to flag your photo. that being the case, you’d need friends first.

  30. Remember that time you said something funny?

  31. Neither do I.

  32. On a similar note, I don’t like this photo. It looks like he might have a bigger peni than me which is disappointing.

  33. Darn, my friends did me one worse: A photo of them all gangbanging. All 8 of them.

  34. um can we unblur it so I can use this for mental stimulation as I plug myself????

  35. I actually laughed at the idea of you plugging yourself. Not that, that in itself is hilarious, or that I’m implying any ill conceived thought, or EVEN trying to be insulting. I just imagined someone verbalizing that particular statement and instantly burst out laughing, only because I’ve never hear anyone call it that before. That’s fucking gold.

  36. Wow it’s a long time since I’ve seen one like that!

    All poor peoples T.V’s used to look like that in 1983.

  37. He’s proud enough of his junk to have it on his phone. That says a lot.

  38. …attempt to turn the strike through off

  39. Snap..did you just highlight your own failure? I thought Hawkbit was the resident spesh but you sir, deserve a gold star.

  40. this is hilarious.

  41. Why blur it Lamebook? About time these guys got some cock I’d imagine.

  42. curlybap, because of whinging bitches like MarioDragon, who are incensed by a bit of penis even when it IS blurred out:

    “I thought this was Lamebook not a porn site”… I can smell the prepubescent emotions from here.

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