Monday, July 19, 2010

Blond Bombs

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  1. ‘photocopied our tits’


  2. retarteter? That sounds like a new kind of condiment. Would you put it on a burger, or a chicken sandwich?

  3. Spell it backwards…

  4. this is discrimateter to blondes

  5. Chantelle is by far the most hilarious. She has been answering the phone with the wrong company name for TWO weeks. The real question here is how she got the job in the first place.

    But I mean, you have to give her that it IS total bullshit. She is definitely the victim here. I mean, no one told her! They probably didn’t tell her not to go back into work after getting drunk and photocopy her boobs. And there are definitely no posted rules about not stealing highlighters or erasers. What a fighter to put up with all that bullshit for two whole weeks.

  6. “My Facebook Came Off”. Inspired.

  7. i agree with skagit. she is a victim….of her own stupidity. 🙂

    but i also think Chantalle should deffo be on a reality show of some kind.ha

  8. rory and lamebook don’t listen to eminem.

  9. Chantelle seems like your typical Democrat voter. I’m sure President Obama will make sure that she gets unemployment benefits for the rest of life so she never has to work again. Meanwhile, honest hard working folks like myself end up subsidizing the lazy riff raff of this country with obscenely high tax rates.

    Perhaps if Chantelle had lived a more virtuous life, studied hard, prayed and read her Bible then God would have led her to a better life. Instead she chose the lazy way, probably fornicating and doing drugs when she should have been learning the teachings of Jesus.

  10. love is evil

    live si evol

    – googled

    “Live si Evol is a Jazz rock band based out of Arizona.”

    hmm, deciphering blonde is harder then i thought.

  11. Thank you Fargis, you inspire me. Maybe one day if I study hard, pray and read my bible I will be a dick like you.

    I can’t help but wish I worked with Chantelle…..

  12. I pray Dan Fargis is what I suspect – posting as an idiot just to get the rest of us idiots to respond to him. Lonely, lonely man.

  13. OMG – as a natural blonde im now embarrassed to be one…… off to buy a dark hair dye !!!!

  14. Condoms in the stationery cabinet?

  15. Man, I always thought that B L O N D E was the only way to spell blonde. Then I was reading a book and the author kept writing B L O N D. I looked it up and had a listing for Blond as the hair color! What the heck? When did this happen? Tell me this is new! Because even Google thinks it’s blonde.

  16. dan_fargis – Chantelle doesn’t vote Democrat, because she clearly isn’t in the US. If you can’t tell that, then your religion argument is therefore also flawed and invalid.

  17. @throwingtofu – “rubbers” is British English for “erasers”.

    @GrahamDunk – both are acceptable. The difference originated with a masculine form and a feminine form (but this is now obsolete).

  18. @Dan_fargis

    Yanks don’t use the word “bloody”

  19. If Chantelle is still looking for a job, I’d hire her.

  20. Even with the blurred face, Alicia looks like Number 6 from Battlestar Galactica. She might be retarteter than me, but she looks damn good in a red dress.

    I look forward to #4 achieving her dream of becoming an orthodontist someday. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’ve always found my doctors to be way too hardworking and intelligent.

  21. It’s been a few months since I’ve been on Lamebook, but when did they start adding 10 posts each day? And on weekends? They’re nice changes.

  22. love is evil quote is from eminem retarters

  23. …”love is evil spell it backwards” thats a song. spacebound-eminem..just btw.

  24. SomeRandomChick

    If Dan Fargis isn’t some troll just trying to stir shit up, then I’ve lost all faith in humanity and would like Jesus to come rapture all these idiots out already. I mean really Jesus, you’ve been promising this “rapture” for ages already. Do it. Please? I’ll even pray.

  25. dan_fargis: lamebook’s personal asshole

  26. As people before me have said, “love is evil, spell it backwards” is an Eminem quote

    It makes sense if think about it.

    Love backwards = evol.

    Sound it out

  27. @GrahamDunk – I was under the illusion that Blonde was the feminine term, and Blond was the masculine term, depending on which gender’s hair colour you were referring to.

    There was a local girl rock band around a few years back whilst in my teens that were called Evol. Needless to say they faded away swiftly.

  28. Um…

  29. The “love is evil” quote is, like everybody said, a lyric from Eminem’s “Spacebound” if you open the CD and look at the lyrics that come with it it’s “love is ‘evol’ spell it backwards i’ll show yah”

  30. but evol > goo….

  31. Possibly, Laura just watched “Love is Evol,” Christopher Titus’ latest comedy special, as well…

  32. PeanutButtercup

    So why do people feel the need to repeat what has already been said?

    Also, “worlds most famous orthodontist”… Lol…

  33. ahem Amelia. That is so retarded

  34. Actually, believe it or not, “blond[e]” is spelled differently based on gender. “Blond” is the masculine usage (for guys), but “blonde” is the feminine version (for girls).

  35. Man, why couldn’t there have been a Chantelle at my office huh!?

  36. Just because it’s an Eminem quote doesn’t make it any less stupid.

  37. I thought ‘blond’ was the American spelling and ‘blonde’ was English. I’m English and I say ‘blonde’, whether it be about a male or female. I’m also blonde and nothing like these fools.

  38. The fact that it’s Eminem lyrics makes it even more retarteteter

  39. I didn’t realize anyone gave enough of a shit to measure orthodontists’ levels of fame but I’m curious to find out how she plans on accomplishing that without “skool.”

  40. BrideOfValentine

    Kinda off the point now but rocoluke27 is right…”blonde” with an ‘e’ refers to women and”blond” refers to men…that’s how it goes in French anyways. Feminine nouns/adjectives etc. always end in ‘e’. I sure hope that Fargis guy was just kidding around. Seriously. And 3 cheers for Chantelle for keeping her job for 2 weeks! Makes you wonder what colour management’s hair is….

  41. Eminem – Spacebound. That song was written for me, its in the Geneva Convention. look it up

  42. I don’t care about any of these people, I want more Gabe!!

  43. @IndieSinger, thank you. that’s the first thing i noticed when she stated “rubbers and highlighters”. erasers. and who says “stationary” in the States!?? thank you for rubbing that douchebag dan’s face in shit with the democrat comment 🙂
    thank you so much!!!!!

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