Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Body Rockin’

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  1. I don’t know who said the phrase “bingo wings” earlier as part of a prediction of #1’s future, but it was pretty damn funny.

  2. Anyone else getting the feeling that number 2 is a hate crime? Cause he can’t do that to himself, and I’m seeing some bruises and other random cuts that don’t look self inflicted….

  3. I can’t beleive that no one has pointed out the “waist-whittling” effect on Miss Orange’s second picture. Her waist has been “shopped” to make it look smaller. The pillow is cloned and the edge of her shirt is a little fuzzy.

  4. @Mwinci, me too. I used to be a freak because I have a 22 inch waist and 34 in hips and breasts, Now I love me and don’t give a fuck what others think. I am full blooded Italian so this is my shape I will never have boy hips, but I no longer want them. Do not take it too personal, just think when you are 30 and the 19 yr olds who do your yard/pool work are hitting on you and they all look like saggy house fraus who will be laughing then. 😀

    And before anyone starts with pic requests last time this kind of subject matter came up I posted my facebook link, so if you haven’t seen me yet you will just have to dig back though the old threads. 😉

    krasivaya_devushka Are you 7? Hips are weird if they are large? I hope noone whips there C— out in front of you. Grow the f—up

  5. AZFreckles You must be a little slow or touched, yes? 🙂 She is a belly dancer and she is posing for a photo, think realo hard honey and you should be able to figure out why one hip is so high. 😉

    I hope I caught that last typo before Word sees it. I meant to say I used to feel like a freak. I was and still am a freak though word!

  6. Jackulahaha – I never said she was fat, I said her skirt was squeezing some fat out on the sides. Which is true. Everyone has fat on their bodies. I’m fine with people enjoying their own bodies and all, but I just think it’s unflattering to wear clothes that are too small. And you can tell that skirt is squeezing fat out the top by the creases on each hip.

  7. Nonnie, I never correct people’s typos, I make enough of my own. So I most definitely wouldn’t pull you up. I just thought that dc’s typo was pure poetry, in relation to his comment about the blonde orange.

    As for you being a freak girl… keep it up.
    Would love to see these pics of yours, but I’m not so inclined to dredge through old posts. Bugger.

  8. OMG!!!! What a freakin’ coincidence.. :S
    I was browsing through my myspace and found the first
    girl’s real myspace.. Has pictures of her modeling
    and her hips.. they’re real :S
    what are the chances I’d find the EXACT same girl..
    what the hell 😛


  9. lol99yeah, all I can say after looking at that is, WHOA!

  10. the first one is my girlfriend and who ever posted this deserves there face on lame book cause its some sad pathetic loser who has problems with there own self just like everyone who posted her criticizing the way my gf is shaped. and if your calling her ugly or fat shes a fucking MODEL and your probably some over weight losers with nothing to do that’s y your sitting on this stupid site making fun of others so that you can feel better about your pathetic little existent so grow up get a life and stop trying to make yourself feel better by chastising others oo and p.s. this photo was taken by a MTV’s “My Sweet 16” PRODUCER then release on facebook

  11. Ah, self-appointed experts….

  12. Word I wasn’t referring to you correcting my typos, but by all means feel free, everyone can if they want. I have my masters, I am not worried about it, I know what I mean. 🙂 I was worried you would think I was no longer a freak as I said was a freak by accident instead of thought I was a freak. 😉 I’m still patiently waiting on our threesome you’ve promised. More than once I might add, and I didn’t want you backing out. 😛

  13. krasivaya_devushka

    #154 Oh yes, you guessed it – great job! What an idiot you are. I never said having large hips is weird; all I said is hers look waaaaaaaay out of proportion with the rest of her body. So you go grow the f- up & learn how to read. 🙂

  14. mouse1992: Your girlfriend is HAWT.

  15. if she was on ‘my sweet 16’ she’s a cock.

    and anyone can be a model, just takes someone to take your picture 🙂

  16. LB has finally returned to form, albeit inadvertently, and delivered the ultimate in lame. I stand by my opinion of waist fakery but now think the only thing bigger than this wannabe model’s nasty image is her rampant ego. Yuck.

  17. MachineGun Monica

    Wow, Nanuke, stfu. You are really, really annoying.

  18. One day, Nonnie, one day.

  19. #3 & #4 Is what a carrot brought to life looks like.

  20. sean-shutupchump

    You people are a bunch of fucktard morons.
    The girl in PIC #1 is not photoshopped, is not fat, is not sucking in, was not wearing a corset before the pic was taken and is not ugly.
    I was at the party she was at last week when that pict was taken, it was an MTV party here in Houston, TX.
    She is a gogo dancer and is pretty fucking attractive actually.
    So everyone talking shit you have no clue WTF you are talking about and should just keep your uneducated comments to yourself.
    Hell.. 95% of you are probally about as attractive as a rock with dog shit on it, trying to criticize others.. pfft.
    That is all.

  21. attractiveness is subbbbbbbbjective so when you say ‘she’s pretty fucking attractive’ – well most of here don’t think so.

    Mouse 1992, if you were born in 1992 that would make me lol. Would also fit with the comment.

  22. http://viewmorepics.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=viewImage&friendID=10148821&albumID=3064663&imageID=73318885

    p.s model? Lol. Models don’t have ‘brioche’ as we say ’round here.

  23. sean-shutupchump

    most of you on here have seen one very odd picture of a close up of a certain part of the body. again, im sure you yourself are fucking troll like in attractiveness so I would just shush my ugly ll mouth personally.

  24. well given i just posted the link which is an even worse picture imo, obviously not.
    why would you assume that just because someone says someone isn’t attractive that they are evidently unattractive themselves?
    beautiful people think everyone else is beautiful, is that it? I don’t think so, chickadee.

    Get back to me when you reach maturity, either legally or physically. Either way is good.

  25. I’m with Nantaise.

    Damn, these people are freaks!

  26. @171 Yes Mouse was born in 1992. February to be exact.

  27. #2 photo…. the guy in the photo gave his consent to be carved into with a push pin like an idiot. He is traveling with some guys promoting Spicy RV (http://spicyrv.com/blog/). He didn’t know what the girl was carving and she intended to put ink in the carving and it didn’t work out the way she planned. They did this in the RV they travel in. They traveled from Texas to Virginia at this point. This took place in Virginia Beach.

  28. By the way… the guy in photo #2 was not on anything and it was done in one sitting. It’s definitely not normal.

  29. I felt the need to comment on this one (as I have been reading the archives). … Actually, it’s all been said. I just wanted to put in that there’s been some amazing good trolls in here *bows to anyone who claimed that #1 was “weird”, “fat”, or “photoshopped”* And wonderful job everyone else feeding them. Made for an interesting read. ^_^

  30. well, i honestly am not even sure how to respond to these posts without being bashed on end or the other haha.
    truthfully, the girl in #1 appears quite normal to me, my body is similar to her, just not AS curvy(40-36-44) and i am quite fond of my waist and hips and butt. there are women out there with such curves, doesn’t make it photoshopped or unattractive, imo. it has taken ME a long time to like my body, and seeing so many people demean curves such as those made those feelings want to come back up from the past. not a great feeling.
    so, yea, in MY opinion, the girl is beautiful, not much in the face though(i had to sneak a peek at her profile), but her body is one of the only bodies left out there that’s not labeled in one of 2 categories: a branch or a blob of fat and cellulite.
    thank you

  31. All the power to #1 for being proud of her curves! I’m not even going to comment on #2 – I can’t force myself to believe for a second that he didn’t know what the girl was carving. And as for the Oompa=Loompa, Willy Wonka said to stop sitting around being lazy, and get back to work.

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