Friday, November 6, 2009

Boy Trouble


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  1. I think they mean “Boi” Trouble…

  2. Who is this God everyone fears.

    P.S. This is not lame in my eyes just some poor guy being told what to do by his parents. (I assume parents because they sound like they’d ussually be the ones who would do so after finding a used condom tossed aside in his own room)

  3. lol “since being gay.”


  4. proxy-sex via floor condom!

  5. Silly, silly homos!

  6. The mispelling of threw leaves the door open for some wonderful misinterpretation.
    I slept with him through a condom.
    Really? I fuck around the condom myself.

  7. i prefer to think of it as “best friends” instead of “boy friends”
    matt is not “aloud” any best friends, because he is a whore. and whores don’t have friends.

  8. Would this have made the front page if the guy weren’t gay? Somehow I doubt it, which is sad. :\

  9. @The Pastafarian

    Really? You don’t think that a girl saying “I’m not aloud to have bfs over nemore cuz da last guy through a condom on2 da floor.” would’ve made this site?

    I beg to differ, my fellow lover of all things pasta.

  10. @mcowles

    Eh, maybe. It’s hard to say. That’s not really up to the outrageous standards this site usually sets, but it could slip through the cracks, I guess.

  11. “since being gay”? wat the hell? sounds like he chose to be gay or something

  12. Scott has only slipped through the crack once.

  13. I really can’t figure out what Scott’s saying. Sounds like a whiner though

  14. KB FTW!

  15. “Since being gay”. That’s pretty interesting since gay people never stop talking about how they didn’t choose to be gay. Yet it’s fascinating to me to have seen the magical transformation of one guy I know from straight, to bi-sexual, and finally to gay.

  16. Oh, give him a break. He just signed up. He hasn’t gotten the memo yet.

  17. He clearly IS new and has not received the handbook “How to be a Clean Homo” which teaches us NOT to leave used condoms strewn about the room. It’s hell on the carpets and drapes.

  18. I’d fuck him

  19. I’m not gay, but my boyfriend is!

    Send me an e-mail for other hilarious bumper stickers you can purchase like this one.

  20. I love how he throws ok in every sentence, haha.

  21. gay…

  22. haha zoned is gay

  23. I make my own t-shirts. My most popular one says:

    My Two Dads was an AMAZING TV Show

    – Support Gay Marriage

    There are also a couple that say: It’s not gay, if you cry afterwards


    Everyone’s straight, once the lights are off

  24. FrancoisV November 7th, 2009 at 1:15 pm

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  25. I thought that’s what 4chan was for…

  26. RULES 1 AND 2 NEWFAG!!!11!one

  27. Ryan is still gay.

  28. do you through condoms on the floor?

  29. the best thing about this is the ‘SINCE being gay’ part 😉

  30. Only after I’m done using them with your sweet ass.

  31. Actually I’m not sure how to through a condom. I can throw one, but I don’t think I’m big enough to go through one.

  32. I think the “since being gay” part means since he came out and stop pretending to be straight

  33. @lolzbooks What kind of guys have you been fucking that you have shit all over your condoms? I’ve fucked plenty of asses, and no shit on my dick ever.

  34. What is this world coming to when a kid in school thinks its ok to be gay. If he wants to play games and be confused, thats ok. But to spread AIDS by nailing guys in the ass, that is wrong.

  35. Hey, AIDS is for FAGS? You’re an ignorant asshole.
    Statistically, you have a better chance of getting aids, simply due to your dumb-shittery.

  36. I love to fuck little boys.

  37. we niggarz all gotz da aides, and we be rapin wite chics wit it

  38. I wipe my ass with feminism

  39. who wants to hear a joke?

  40. womens and gays rights

  41. Now, STATISTICALLY, the gays are in fact 50% less likely to take a length in the dirt cave than drunk college girls.

  42. Sounds like a poser “since being gay”, definitely not OG (original gayster). Better watch out for some hardcore OG’s are likely to attepmt a drive by facial.

  43. “Since being gay.”

  44. @pBIZZLE

    You’re an idiot. That is all.

  45. @hammy

    I second that!

  46. Huh. “Since being gay?” This makes things confusing for me.

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