Monday, November 14, 2011

Boys & Girls

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  1. First…

    Love the real world Barbie.

  2. An above-average quantity of virgins on lamebook tonight, it appears

  3. Tis daytime here…

  4. No, Adam, you DIDN’T score.

  5. Jeremy is gonna die so alone.

  6. Well said, beatusmongus!

  7. I’d be creeped out having a neighbour like Adam, who feels the need to “join in.” Nothing spell nerdy virgin any louder than that.

    Well said Beautus

  8. Hey, they were the loud people having sex with the window open. I think Adam was funny.

  9. Adam would be funny if he didn’t steal that from the Texts From Last Night website. That joke was posted over 3 years ago. Originality wins, not him.

  10. nope. pretty sure there are no winners here, onetime69.

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