Monday, September 16, 2013

Broke in and broke down

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  1. So you did this to a criminal, who knows what car you drive, your license plate number and what you look like.. instead of turning it into the police. Wise move.

  2. Oh hell yeah, Please keep this updated. Fatty, a car thief doesn’t take the time to write down registration numbers, he would have taken a pic on his phone IF, and that’s a big if, he wanted to record his crimes for his CV

  3. Return the guy’s phone STEVER, you fucking jerk. Nobody wants to see your dick selfies.

  4. So you’re saying you have my phone?

  5. “Oh hell yeah,bra! I’m Spudz Mackenzie, dude, and I think this status is rockin’! Keep the updates a comin’!”

    Lets assume the CRIMINAL doesn’t remember anything about their victim – as unlikely as that is. Eventually she has to do something with that phone – or the would-be thief does. Think the police will only prosecute the person who broke a window? Think they will look the other way on all those fraudulent phone calls and purchases? That the criminal wont get a lawyer to countersue?

  6. I’m going to go ahead and say Amiee didn’t do any of that. She just went on Facebook and said she did

  7. Bingo. Likely fake.

    But, true or not, these jackasses high-fiving the idea of this vigilante justice – and stupid vigilante justice at that – is lame.

  8. Most likely phone was stolen as well.

  9. Wow fatty, you sound like an awesome prick. In your whitier than white area the law would be fucked up like that however the currency gave me all I needed to know about this. Believe me the English cops will side with Aimee and ridicule that scumbag even further. The tabloid newspapers would pay a fortune for that phone and it’s contents. Sorry to show you you don’t know everything, actually I’m not.

  10. ^ Seeing as how you’re from England and all, shouldn’t you know how to construct a readable English sentence?

  11. First thing Aimee checked out were the pics. She wanted to see if the bad guy was taken and if he was packing. When she found out he wasn’t packing, she decided to be mean to him. However, she didn’t realize that the phone was actually stolen from another woman who has the misfortune of being with an inadequate man.

    I mean, we men know enough to password-protect our iPhones.

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