Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Burglar Buzz

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  1. Where’s Steeeeeevvver?

  2. They all wanted to watch.

  3. He’s in the evidence room.

  4. This is StupidDanes last chance to not fuck it up…. I’m just saying

  5. ^^lol

  6. [Insert joke involving Steever and vibrators]

  7. Well… it does look suspicious…

  8. “We dusted for prints and ran other tests on the forced entry device, ma’am, and we’re going to have place you under arrest. Your DNA was all over this thing.”

  9. STEEEVERRRR likes these up his stink-hole!

  10. Is that a tide mark near the bottom?

  11. If you keep taking vibrators into custody, it’s your own fault if the owner rapes you!

  12. StupidDane, you have a chance every 3-4 months to make a legitimate kinda funny rape comment, and you put this^?? You had one thing to do…… Pfft.

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  14. ^ Mario who?

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