Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Burnt Balls

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  1. Imagine in the future if a couple get married and they both have double-barrelled names but are both stubborn enough to keep them, making a quadruple-barrelled name.. Then in the far future if two people with quadruple-barrelled names are both stubborn etc.

    Stupid fucking idiots.

  2. Noobsauce, that future is called “Spain”.

  3. I wish I could like that comment at number 2 a hundred times.

    That shit was funny, yo.

    Spanish people… honestly. God love ’em. They have so much time to think up lots of names when they’re working a week full of half days…

  4. good job noobs on specifically addressing the ‘stupid fucking idiots’, in case the ‘smart fucking idiots’ might’ve thought they were being addressed.

  5. Te’s been waiting months possibly years to use that line.

  6. It wasn’t really that clever, either. There are lots of people with hyphenated names. What’s wrong with continuing your mum and dads surname?
    At least he’s got both of his names down. Fucking “Te”. What sort of name is that?

  7. How many friends does he have??

  8. I don’t get why this guy has a problem with hyphenated names. It makes sense to me for children to have both parents’ family names, even if can be a bit long.

  9. Te=rulez

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