Wednesday, May 22, 2013


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  1. Dammit, Elsior, quit leaving your fantasy wear in other peoples’ beds.

  2. Ha ha! I got blocked from posting on Facebook for 12 hours for this, thanks for capturing it in Internet infamy.

  3. Jessica, are you lonely tonight?
    Call me, maybe.

  4. StupidDane, are you lonely tonight?

    Oh, right.

  5. Jessica, why would they block you for that? I could understand if you were modeling it for everyone, because that might be a bit risqué, but there’s nobody in this picture. It’s just a piece of cloth.

    Perhaps it was because you posted George’s phone number?

    I had a coworker stash one of her shirts in my glove compartment while we were working once. She was hoping the girl I was dating at the time would find it. But she didn’t. I found it first.

  6. Who the fuck would buy their intimates from Target?

  7. ^ Someone who wants to throw them away when finished.

  8. ^ Oh.
    I didn’t think of that…

  9. Gonna be even more awkward when it turns out the boyfriend bought it for himself to feel pretty…

  10. I am guessing Jessica is not a size small

  11. Jessica is probably a fat cow who wont take it up the bum.

  12. Hey Troll, I’m 5’10 and 135 with DD tits, and if your curious about my sexual preferences, I’m single now. But guessing from your personality, you probably wouldn’t know what to do with me.

  13. You didn’t show up last night, Jessica?
    Had to take another girl with me home from the bar… :/

  14. ^ How long before you figured out that was a dude?

    Jessica, um… Pics or it didn’t happen. You can just model some of your lingerie for us. That would be fine.

  15. 5’10 135? You typo’d. It’s 5’1, 351. No point in Lying. BTW, I’m 5’6 152, and I wear a 36H, 36K when I was nursing. I’m a size 10-12. Now that’s honesty.

  16. And here’s my pic that it did happen: ( o )( o )

  17. ^ Thanks, Jibby. We appreciate the pic.

  18. georgeofthejungle

    Jessica can’t be that hot if he cheated on her. I’m with Jibby. She’s probably easily forgotten. And a 3 ton whale of a woman. Either that or she sucks in bed and couldn’t keep her man’s attention long enough that he had to go get it somewhere else from some hot chick who could.

  19. Georgeofthejungle, my bf is a pretty good looking guy, but im going to cheat on him because of his ugly ass personality. These things are possible. Stop being a shallow shit!

  20. #10 I’m guessing if Jessica was a small she wouldn’t be finding strange lingerie in her ex-boyfriends bed.

  21. Please, you can’t have boobs and fit into a size small. If you have a decent rack, you’re in at least a medium. Do you have a nice rack, #20?

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