Monday, March 5, 2012

Call Me A…

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  1. Duckface!

    quack whore.

  2. Holy shit, girl. Eat once in a while. Food is your friend.

  3. what the fuck is with the “4 f3w s3c0nds @go”? am I tripping right now?

  4. themanwhosoldtheworld

    that’s a ‘language’ on facebook. something from a far away country Un1t3d 5t@t35 0f 455h0135

  5. @ theman.. you are SO creative! Kudos, your middle school teacher must be proud <3

  6. Im going to give this particular lady a pass due mainly to the fact that she managed to spell all of her words correctly.

  7. These happen to be one of my favorites because she posts this picture and those words so 40 of her friends can like it and say thing like “Yeah! You go girl!” But to her dismay this guy shits in her face than everybody is scared to like it.

  8. I was going to say her pimp but the other Cap’n took my glory.

  9. theman, don’t listen to l.o.l. – I enjoy jokes that take cheap shots at Americans.

  10. Oh, and “God damn quacker bitch ain’t got no back”.

  11. Yeah, cheap shots at americans are funny. Even if they are a bit too easy since there are unlimited things to take the piss out of. But to be fair, i think teenage girls around the world type like that.

  12. vaginalroundhouse

    I bet she tastes like Chinese turkey.

  13. slicingupeyeballs

    Well I don’t know about you fine folk, but I’d chuck jizz on her face…

  14. She kind of resembles one of those grey aliens you hear about, with the bulbous head and the dark spot below the blur almost makes it believable. So if you’re down for some intergalactic-species erotica, go for it!

  15. I bet she tastes like every other… cheap perfume, a hint of piss, the underlying odour of sweat, and disappointment. But if you get really lucky you’ll hit the jackpot and get an ovarywhelming stench of fish.

  16. Damn crusty, I was fine thinking she was just retarded but way to really bring the unthought imagination of her twat to life there.

  17. “Ovarywhelming?” All right, Crusty, turn in your pun license.

  18. @crusty, I’m all for some anti-American humor, but at least make it semi-creative. Themans attempt was as weak… to say the least.

  19. 101.0u7.l0uD 5ux d1ck 4 fr33

    You’re right that was pretty easy to throw down you shlaaaaaaagggg.

    Slicingup;;;she luks abowt 15 u fuking pedo!!!!!!! il put ur eyeborl slicing up 2 shaym, u mayk me wont 2 giv ur jap’s eye a paper cut[

  20. why would people be calling her a slut, whore, fake, liar etc if there was no basis to it? and she thinks she can invalidate all of that by saying “what does that make you”??? Weak! People who are liars etc and then try to turn it around on the people calling them out are just LAME, so this one fits this site perfectly! This one made me laugh, I was thinking much the same thing as Mitch.

  21. “why would people be calling her a slut, whore, fake, liar etc if there was no basis to it?”
    are you fucking serious? or didn’t you go to high school?
    i’m guessing both.

  22. You can always tell the guys that were rejected by the popular girls in high school. So much twisted anger and bitterness! Justifying others’ name calling is a new one though. Nice work, SLG.

    Sure they can be annoying little plastics, but that just makes them easy to ignore.

  23. That girl is not to thin. But her face needs work.

  24. “101.0u7” why don’t you try that again crusty… I’ll wait..

  25. Someone forgot to call her balding

  26. BANG!

  27. Apologies LOL, musta got caught up in the moment. But you get the picture – you suck dick for free. You’re welcome.

  28. Wow. I gave you three perfectly good chances, and the best for came up with is that I suck dick for free? For the love of your people, I hope that you are the minority in your tribe. : / I’m done on this thread, if you’d like to continue meet me in a newer thread, I won’t be back to this one. Frankly, I’m embarrassed for you. Toodles.

  29. ^heh…pussy.

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