Friday, March 2, 2012

Timeline of your life…

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  1. Ok Lamebook……You can stop with these timeline photo posts. The first one was funny. Now it’s just old and non-funny. LOL.

  2. Gay, gayer, gayest. Wop wop wooop.

  3. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Fuck me! These just get more and more awful.

  4. You know, the thing about LAMEbook is that the posts generally portray the LAMEst of facebook.

    Lamebook tag line : The funniest and lamest of lamebook. They didn’t call it funnybook. It’s SUPPOSED to be lame.

    Quit complaining.

  5. i just wanna know: do ppl really post pics like this on their facebook pages? wtf dude

  6. ^ Yes, they do. Without them, Lamebook would not exist.

  7. These timeline posts are getting old quick, about like MsAnneThrope’s yeast infected, bacteria-ridden, cum filled pussy.

  8. Like your diseased cunt is any better? You vile whore, shame on you! I bet one of those dirty ass shelter dogs wouldn’t lick your twat if you put peanut butter on it!

  9. 1) Yawn
    2) Queer as Christmas (fucking Nyan Cat!)
    3) Waste of a life

  10. Just stop with these/

  11. bradles, I have some arse-munching, limp-wristed, anus-fisting gay mates who would be offended by you lumping them in with the authors of these pathetic attempts at humour.

  12. Keep ’em comin. I like these timelines, esp that last one.

  13. Urrrgh, MORE timelines? God its getting boring round here.

  14. @jed7, you fucking retard. You said that the tag line was FUNNIEST AND LAMEST of Facebook, so yeah, bring the fucking funny would you?

    It didn’t say FUNNIEST OR LAMEST it said AND… so I expect posts to be funny AND lame, even if the humour is somehow buried in the lamosity…

    … and there are no flags in these timelines… luckily I have that picture of flags from a few days ago tucked away in my mental toss archive. Flags make me hard.

  15. i like beer

  16. The first one would have been better without the text. You’d be like, “ok, Tony Montana, shooting Lionel Richie, I don’t get why th… oh, ha, I get it! That’s kind of clever”. If you have to explain the joke, it stops being funny.

    The other two suck. They’re just “hey, look at me putting my face on something else”. At least the first guy was trying.

  17. So , did the world not know of PhotoShop before FB timelines? Humour will slowly fade if all this bullshit on facebook continues.

  18. Bacchante likes anal fisting. In other news, these timelines suck.

  19. It’s your delicate hands that I like, freddy. Small-boned and slender, like a teenage girl’s.

  20. PraetorianXVIII

    this was pretty funny. You guys need to calm down.

    Whew, that felt good. Bacchante, thanks for noticing my lady like palms. That $100 for manipedi didn’t go waste.

  22. What the hell is that second one? Is that a flying Space Pop-Tart with a cat’s tail crapping out a rainbow? That’s grotesque enough as it is without that dude Photoshopping his head on it.

  23. ^ It’s Nyan Cat, and it’s pure evil.

  24. ^did I miss a memo?
    The one which stated that the new definition of ‘pure evil’ is ‘a mildly irritating and wholly forgettable 2nd rate meme’?

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