Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Unwrapped

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  1. ho ho ho…

    … I mean foist, bitches…

  2. 2rd!!!1

  3. First!

    becuz my mommy and the liberal media sez im speshul.

  4. It’s funny because Noa is probably American and despite the whole euro crisis it’s still worth more than the dollar.

  5. Coincidence that the post by “Kimberly” about T Mobile’s commercial is VERY similar to Kim Kardashian’s tweet the other day?

  6. Kim’s said “you have no idea what I think they say instead of “4G” in the T Mobile commercial!!!” Like …. Oh EMM GEE

  7. ColostomyExplosion

    I am sick of seeing jokes from sickipedia on this site when people are passing them off as their own.

  8. Um, okay #5
    a)Not everyone has Twitter
    b)Not everyone who has Twitter is dense enough to follow Kim Kardashian
    c)Just because some “celebrity” posted a thought/observation on Twitter automatically means that no one else in the world can have the same thought/observation?
    Some of the comments in this section are as stupid as the posts on the website. Good god.

  9. @3 Nope, you dumb shite

  10. ^Learn how to spell, you dumb fuck LOL

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