Friday, June 24, 2011

C’Mon Lamebookers, Let’s Name This Baby Megatron!


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  1. ……………….

  2. Lamebook is frodo.

  3. Wait… Wasn’t this on here sometime last year?

  4. shadowwhisperer

    Probably something similar, yeah.

  5. dude, its for real, looked it up just a sec ago. and yes, i did click the like button. how can you not?

  6. Easily.

  7. Yes, there was something almost identical to it last year. The only difference is, if someone got 1 million ‘likes’ his/her SISTER was going to name the baby Megatron. The group ended up getting almost 2 million.

    Looks like six other people are horribly unoriginal. That’s right, there are SIX of these, all with the same exact name, and God only knows how many others with slight variations. Sheeple.

  8. So obviously fake. Using TinEye (results expire in 72 hrs), you can see that the fetus photo is from . The date makes it even more obvious.

    Also, there’s already a dude out there named Sunshine Megatron. All these other faux Megatrons would be inferior anyway.

  9. i was invited when about 5 mins after this page was made. It is an australian page… The guy wont name his kid megatron. But i still liked it

  10. The lamest part about this is that people actually want to contribute to a child being named Megatron.

  11. fake

  12. An Australian page? I figured that only Americans would be into this type of high-level fuckery.

  13. PraetorianXVIII

    oh hey, I remember when this was a group when I first joined facebook in like 2003

  14. This has been going on for years. I’ve seen several different types. It’s usually somebody trying to spam their website, book, whatever.

  15. I refuse to join. Being the name obsessed loser that I am, I refuse to perpetuate the growing problem of terrible baby names like Jayden and Nevaeh…and Megatron.

  16. My first child will be named Snarf. He’ll be ahead of the curve, so when Michael Bay decides to make a Thundercats movie, he’ll be used to getting his ass kicked.

  17. I would like to meet the spouses/parents/siblings of the people that make these groups. Really, these are the life goals you are setting?

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  19. are people original anymore? this has been going on for a few years with the megatron baby naming. Our society has become a bunch of copy cat monkeys who act,dress or talk like whoever they find interesting in order to establish what they think is an identity. Think i’m wrong, look at most comments on pages online where the following examples occur: “Wow” or worse “Wow just Wow” or “first” or “just sayin” or “um….(obnoxious quote here)” or “Really?” or “Seriously” or “thats what im talking about” or…..and it goes on. People cant even swear original anymore. I knew a guy who always cursed you out in such genius ways, now its F you and douschebag nad so on so on. thats the end of my rant.

  20. Of course on the flip side of unoriginal baby naming you get some god awful made up names by a certian ethnic group thats usually some object combined with a name such as “Shawn” that no one can pronounce.

  21. I’m pretty sure everyone knows how to pronounce Shawn

  22. @porkurtree: He said “some object combined with a name such as ‘Shawn'”, like DeShawn or something, not just Shawn.

  23. deshawn, keyshawn, most nba players etc etc

  24. @sirbutlust……Does the irony hurt?

  25. irony? please explain so i can let you know if it hurts, no idea what you’re talking about

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  27. Of course you don’t. All the more ironic.

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