Thursday, June 6, 2013

Color Blond

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  1. This may go beyond being blonde and raise suspicion of some kind of mental retardation.

  2. Dawn of the Dan

    Idiot. It can’t be called yellow juice because people would confuse it with lemonade.

  3. Yeah and like how it’s made from oranges….

  4. I thought women couldn’t be color blind.

  5. Somebody squeeze lemon juice into Grayce’s eyes.

  6. Real question is why are blondes numb in the head?
    I’ve had a blonde ask if ice was cold cause she wanted to go skating in a mini skirt.

  7. Uh…you’re not drinking orange juice.

  8. Why’s your name Grayce, and not Ignoraynce?

  9. Wait, she’s not actually saying SunnyD is orange juice, is she?

  10. This is a question better directed to your kindergarten teacher rather than facebook.

  11. Because oranges are round, Grayce, duh!

  12. Orange juice is like, yellow, only the cheap nasty stuff though..

  13. Her parents should slap her until their hands hurt and then slap her again for making their hands hurt.

  14. Because you’re a stupid whore.

  15. My pee is sometimes yellow and sometimes orange. Both of it tastes good, but I prefer orange pee. YUMMY!

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  17. Carib, have you ever made even one remotely funny comment on this site? I think not.

  18. I want to hang out with Grayce. If she’s that dumb I probably have a chance.

  19. Well, big boss man, if you could convince your brain to develop a fucking sense of humour then perhaps you might find some of my comments somewhat remotely funny. In the mean time though, you can just fuck off until you figure that out.

  20. Carib, please stop crying.

  21. Friendzone, I don’t suggest you take that chance. If she’s drinking yellow orange juice, she probably has a good sized spare tire around her midsection.

  22. Beatus I’ll just say more cushion for the pushing and leave it at that.

  23. WTF kind of OJ is she drinking!?

  24. Yellow orange juice? Are they taking the piss?

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