Thursday, October 3, 2013

Commas are Important

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  1. Who’s worse?

    The guy who apparently fucks babies, or the idiot savant who thinks that he needs to put a comma instead of a full stop or exclamation mark after the word ‘bother’.

    She had time to fucking think it through, for fuck’s sake.

  2. Stever, you sick fuck! Is “Anthony” your Carlos Danger-esque Facebook handle? Pederast douche bag…

  3. ^ Fuck off you boring, unfunny troll.

  4. #2 is in love with Steever. Completely obsessed; how sad.

  5. He’s just doing his best to get Stever’s attention, but it seems no matter what he does it’s not good enough!
    His love will forever be one sided T^T

    laik dis if u cri ery tayme!

  6. ^No. Crying won’t get rid of it.

  7. I hate I hate Stever

    Well done folks, you tell that fuckwit troll I hate Stever!

  8. ^ Wait, without your use of commas, or at least little single quotation marks surrounding ‘I hate Stever,’ you’ve also made yourself out to be a fuckwit troll. But no surprise there, as all of you douchebags who either use the name, Stever, or are apt to making new names with his name included, are a bunch of useless fucking asshats.

  9. I hate I hate Stever

    Nails I know I am a fuckwit troll, that is the whole point! You fuckwit.

  10. ^ You two are so cute.

  11. Tweek: Because it’s easy?

    Ted Koppel: (sinister voice) Yes, it is easy

  12. 1. i dont know why i bother, fucking babies wah wah wah fuck it
    maybe your a babysitter tired of babies? understandable
    2. i dont know why i bother fucking, babies wah wah wah fuck it
    trying to conceive? dont post it on fucking Facebook
    3. i dont know why i bother fucking babies, wah wah wah fuck it

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