Thursday, April 30, 2009

Conspigacy Theory


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  1. lick your hand david. go on and test it out.

  2. I actually totally agree with this!

  3. nevermind the fact that since it was found out a month ago it has grown exponentially…dumbass.

  4. I completely agree with David whoever. As un-lame as possible.

  5. You’re more likely to be featured on Lamebook than to get swine flu.

  6. I don’t get why not liking Obama seems to automatically get you on lamebook. Oh, and swine flu sucks, but as of a couple days ago there was a whoppng 1 death from it.

  7. I don’t know about you Brads, but I think death threats are pretty lame.

  8. I’ve been saying what David is saying. This is a total slight-of-hand trick. Look at the pig-flu in my right hand so you don’t notice my left hand taking the money out your back pocket. This is not lame, and pig flu has about the same death rate as seasonal flu…

  9. Admin, I don’t see a death threat in this post?

  10. And swine flu has killed far less people than the seasonal flu kills every single year

  11. You fools are right, but swine flu isn’t called swine flu because you turn into a pig. It’s called swine flu because it turns you into “[a] person regarded as brutish or contemptible.” Like you all.

  12. I know Brads that makes total sense and the government did 9/11 and both conspiracies are totally not retarded

  13. Billy is a fag.

  14. Brads, the other post about Obama on here was a death threat … you didn’t pick up on that? Please don’t make the comments more lame than the post.

  15. Alrocknrollmack

    It’s only called air force one if the president is in it and he wasn’t and he was very pissed off it happened.Also swine flu is international dumb asses, and the economy collapsed when Bush was president,come on guys, im Canadian and know this stuff.

  16. Haha Canadians always think they know everything about the US. Canadians are good for only two things, Hockey and Maple Syrup.

  17. Actually, Andrew, as an American living in Canada I am sorry to say that many Canadians DO know more about the U.S. than we do. 🙁

  18. Jesus, some Americans seriously piss me off. Why are they so obsessed with nations? I’m referring to #16, Andrew. You fail to mention anything about swine flu, or the post, or Obama…instead you focus on belittling Canadians! I’m not even Canadian but I find this, and frankly you, totally pathetic! I have nothing against a vast majority of Americans but a big percentage of you need to get over yourselves and realise there are other important nations out there, you don’t rule the world, and need to stop being so small minded & self centred! Get a passport (seeing as 73% of you don’t even have one), get out of America and try to learn that there ARE other countries in this world that are much more beautiful and actually have some culture.

    Sorry, I originally wanted to comment on the actual post but I saw Andrew’s post and couldn’t handle how pathetic it was.

    David…is this man serious?! “You don’t grow a snout and die immediately”…erm, clearly he’s taking the term swine/pig flu a little too literally. IT CAME FROM PIGS, it doesn’t mean loads of people assume if you catch it you will become one. But hey, I’ll cut him some slack – maybe David made that mistake himself; he seems dumb enough for it. “President Obama is using the swine flu to take everyone’s minds off his miserable economic policy” umm…newsflash David, there have been problems a couple of years now, it has nothing to do with Obama. And no, Obama did not somehow procure and distribute swine flu David. It started in Mexico, and was predicted that IF NOT QUARANTINED then infected people could spread it causing many, many deaths. If it hadn’t been for people being alerted about the seriousness of the matter, then there would probably be alot more people dead from it by now. You fucking idiot.

  19. You know what’s just as annoying as dumbass Americans who know shit about the world, LB?

    People from not-America looking down on them. We don’t need your condescending advice, bb, but thanks for trying.

    And yeah, David’s…special, say the least.

  20. david, i dislike you

  21. Swine flu didn’t come from pigs….it came from humans, and spread to pigs…and it came from the US.

  22. Nice hat, David. Not at all shocked you’re wearing it.

  23. It’s actually not AF1 if the President isn’t on it, it’s Marine 1, and he didn’t send it, his press guys did.

    If you’re going to hate him, at least do it properly.

  24. The planes referred to as Air Force One do not become Marine One, Marine One is designation for the Presidential helicopter. The planes referred to Air Force One are known as AF28000 (or SAM28000) and AF29000 (or SAM29000). So Lee you get your facts straight before you pop off with some crap like that.

  25. @Hatsumomo – That’s exactly the first thought that entered my mind. lol.

    @People who agree with David, Since you’re all republicans, Bush did the same with Bird’s flu or did you conveniently forgot?

  26. I dont listen to hillbillies with cowboy hats, so this guy is full of shit.

  27. So the question is, who put the flu there?

  28. Yeah, I don’t think David is as wacked out as all that…

  29. if it’s about american economy then y is it international ? i know 2 people who got the swine flu. and you don’t grow a snout. period. idiot.

    #16 i’m not even american and i find that offensive.

  30. #15, wrong. Just because it happened during bush years, doesn’t mean it’s his fault. Bill clinton made any loan lender and bank give home loans to anyone, ANYONE, in 1996. This was wether they could pay it or not. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac went to Clinton and told him it would ruin the economy in 10 years. Guess what, the housing market crashed in 2004, 8 years, and this subsequently led to the slowing down and crash of the stock market. I’m not even American or Canadian, yet I know this stuff.

    #18, The swine flu has been around since 1918. The CDC is full of morons. Jeez, the Swine Flu killed only 2 percent that of the normal, seasonal flu. Imagine that.

    And lastly, #21, It came from Mexico this go around… shhhh. The two people who were in the US that got it, yeah, they were actually mexican businessman in the US for a conference. That’s why there were big outbreaks in Mexico before there were any in the US.

  31. people who argue about politics on a site that rips on facebook statues and poop jokes are (hilarious ignorant comment here). I made this profile just to say that lol.

  32. LB, Im not an American, but NEWS FLASH: They DO rule the world. Hello???????? (I don’t mean that as a good thing though)

    Anyway, back to Obama, he’s only a front man (a puppet if you may). It’s a known fact that this strand of swine flu was created in a lab, a vaccine was created (which has fatal side effects) in the purpose of mass depopulation. I’m not talking out of my ass, nor am I basing this on media b.s. We are on the verge of new world order. I honestly envy the dead.

  33. @ WordPress

    It’s unfortunate you weren’t one of the lucky ones to receive the vaccine.

  34. @Wordpress

    Okay, dude, I PRAY you’re joking. I’ve heard weird conspiracy theories before, but that’s just killer.

  35. I agree with WordPress. It’s not a concpiracy. Just you wait and see.

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