Friday, December 2, 2011

Copy Cat

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  1. Brittany may be dyslexic and Bryce is a tosser.

  2. So i’m in the fake and gay part of Lamebook again.

  3. vaginalroundhouse

    You sure are yoDawg. Excuse my while I get back on my 40 million dollar yacht and sail around the French Riviera with all of my hot sailor guy friends.

  4. Good for Bryce for not quitting. I’m sure he’d have preferred Brittany to get what he was doing sooner and call him out on it, but she never did, so what choice did he have but to keep it up? We’re still not allowed to kill or sterilize these people for their stupidity, so we must troll them.

    Bryce is not the hero Facebook needs right now, but he’s the hero that Facebook deserves.

  5. Bryce is a bitch, but: What the hey? If people can’t take two seconds to spell or capitalize their sentence, they should be made fun of.

  6. Keep up the good, but increasingly lonely, fight Bryce.

  7. How is it even fucking POSSIBLE that Lamebook is allowing these bots to keep accounts and CONSTANTLY spam? Perhaps Lamebook is getting THEMSELVES a few “Christmas top gifts” from these pricks in return for the “ad space”.

  8. I’m a bot.

  9. LoL… Shut up, I’m hip.

  10. Ah touché, ssccbb. Touché.

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