Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Corking Comebacks

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  1. Hawwwkkkbiiittt ah whatever, pretty whoever fails at life

  2. I like the simplicity of Eduardo’s burn. Well played.

  3. “The man your professor is talking about” is the first thing you see when you search for Prince Albert on Wikipedia. “The Prince Albert Emily is talking about” you can find only if you click disambiguation and even then it clearly states “genital piercing” , thus Emily is a fuckwitt for fabricating this status and thinking she’s being funny, that’s if she didn’t steal it off someone else.

  4. dragonfly: if you google “prince albert” the first wikipedia page that comes up in the search results is about the piercing… that’s what emily said she did.

  5. @dragonfly
    You’re trying too hard. I just Googled “Prince Albert” and it’s the first result, though clearly stated “(genital piercing)”.

  6. How very sad.. it would seem as though, in my regrettable absence, all my old friends have gone…

  7. @ Pretty Shanayyqueisha – grl u contnu 2 perpetu8 racil sterotyps

  8. damnit i googled it too and now i threw up my peanut butter and jelly sandwich everywhere

  9. So, MEG, they’ve released you from the asylum? By friends, I assume you mean those you argued with on a regular basis, right? Well, your friends, alordslums and Dukey Smooth Buns, yes, have sadly, left the building. But your friend, Soup, still drops by on occasion. And as you can see, I’m still around, although not nearly as much as I used to be.

    The Lamebook of now is a very different place to the one you left in such a blaze of glory all those months ago. No trolling, no meltdowns, and no heated exchanges (sexual or otherwise). Actually, there is very little interaction amongst the commenters of any kind. For whatever reason, so many have given up and gone elsewhere. Very, very sad. Oh well, that’s life.

    But all that aside, welcome back, crazy.

  10. Yay for the return of MEGasaurus, still got the dubious moral standpoints?

  11. Wordpervert is gay

  12. i completely agree

  13. MsBuzzkillington

    Eduardo’s comment made me laugh, especially pretty’s response, “what’s dis?” I laughed, out loud, for reals.

    Animal companion peeve is a good one, even if I had to read it about 10 times to get it.

    I kind of miss the regular names I used to see around here too.

  14. Conor fondles children.

  15. I wholeheartedly concur.

  16. I like to touch them while they sleep and stick my willy in their ear.

    I get a mad buzz off that.

  17. I live in Prince Albert. I know exactly what Emily is talking about.

  18. I am a long time lurker, and I really miss Mofo, where did he go?

  19. Computer time is limited in prison. Enough time to punch one out to midget porn, and then to catch up on new lamebook posts. But not enough time to comment.

  20. ifitwerentformyhorse

    @Walter – That’s always my problem. Too much time spent on midget porn I mean, not prison. I’m a fine upstanding member of society.

  21. Mofo was shit, he only had one joke and it wasn’t even a good one.

    Wordpervert is a lonely, dessicated old newt.

  22. Clinton: Give my regards to that rock you must have been hiding under for the past 20 years.

  23. MEG is back? Hello and congrats on your rehabilitation. I’m with wordpervert. This place has become (nearly) an internet wasteland. Maybe more of a desert. There definitely was a certain amount of chemistry that we all had. Oh well. It is what it is.

  24. Wait wait wait wordpervert,
    I just read that Australia banned A-cups in any kind of adult publications. Is that true?

  25. #9: You sound as pathetic as fuck.

  26. An internet wasteland? Goodness, that’s such a tragedy! Perhaps I can return Lamebook to the fruitful oasis that it used to be!

    Yes, they released me months ago, but I was only in there for a week. Soup is still around?! I love that guy! And of course, I missed you the most. You’ve always had that spirit…

    As for my dubious moral standpoints, well, as my parents used to say “Try it. You might like it.” Needless to say, I’m much less of a tight-ass, as predicted by you wise old sages. My life has drastically improved over time and while I’m not completely sane (and really, who is?), I can at least rest assured that I’m far less crazy than I was when I left here.

  27. Im sorry for calling you gay WORDPERVERT.
    Come back and reclaim your comment section.

  28. I googled Prince Albert and the first wiki page for me was the one that was married to Queen Victoria and not the one that involves willies.

  29. CommentsAtLarge

    Conor, I worry your fixation may lead to dangerous places. If Wordy has a rabbit, I recommend she lock the cage lest it end up boiled Fatal Attraction-style.

  30. Yes, lex, true story. The Australian Classification Board has concluded breast size is a factor when determining the age of the model. Apparently, A-cup = Underage. They’ve therefore banned adult films/publications where small-breasted women are depicted. They’ve also banned films that depict female ejaculation from cumming into the country.

    I’m glad you’re feeling better, MEG. I’ve heard ECT does wonders. Maybe you can inject some spark back into Lamebook. I’ll keep an eye out. And yeah, I did have spirit, but it seems to have vanished. I think the neurosurgeon removed it last December.

    I’ve been called much worse, Conor. No biggie. Actually, you’re not completely incorrect. Tried it. Once.

    I threw my rabbit away, Comments. You know that.

  31. I don’t know how I’ll do it, but damn it I’ll try!!

  32. Who are these newbie fucks that are coming around whining anyways? I believe word and several others like soup and mofo, ect, etc were around a long time before and a hell of a lot funnier than these people. You guys are all Ryan from season one of the office. And you are not getting to corporate.

  33. Yay for Office references!!

  34. I can’t believe there are 2 other people that understand pretty’s status.

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