Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Corrupt Connection

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  1. From now on… he’ll be fucking the HAND! Ay-oh!

  2. vaginalroundhouse

    Yeah but he’ll have twice as much money.

  3. Found Kynslie on FB… also found her blog. she is a huge fan of snooki and was a bridezilla… lol

  4. Kynslie is friends with my ex girlfriend. I feel important

  5. There’s also a fb page for Kynslie and her husband’s wedding, and all her friends have posted their addresses on the very public wall. I sense a little stalkin’ coming on….

  6. I like your work, lux. Shall we send divorce notifications to the people who have plastered their addresses there?

  7. Ya’ll are creeps. My dogs name is Lux. Ha.

  8. AND Yes, I am a fan of Snooki. And no I wasn’t a bridezilla in real life.

  9. Who… a shit?

  10. Apparently the people who are stalking my life.

  11. The best man kinda looks like Raine Maida. Hotness!

  12. IkilledChuckNorris

    Hai everyone ^o^

  13. when da fuck is it a good idea to take advice from a book on women? wouldnt the dude writing it be to busy getting laid? no because he decided to fuck ppl over and write a book on failing.
    this poor gentlemen is exibit A. exibit B is hue hefner. you dont see his ass reading any book on women.

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