Thursday, August 5, 2010

Could It Bee?

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  1. first

    Im all for shart wk

  2. So have I got this right, all americans celebrate a particular week because a tv channel shows lots of programs about sharks?

    If so can the UK have Shit Reality Week? This would be a year-long celebration.

  3. Paranoid Android

    Yippee – More idiots for us to mock and pour scorn upon.

    About as funny as alordslums – he’s gay and not funny and smells like poo-poo. So there.

  4. It’s better to have gay hair than dog hair. I garantee.

  5. guarantee*

  6. looks like someone’s becoming persona non grata… :-/

    anyway, i shall plough on regardless and say that i’m all for shart week, as a change of pace.

  7. all americans don’t “celebrate” shark week, it’s just awesome and we get excited about sharks eating the fuck out of things. nice to have guaranteed entertaining programming every night for a whole week.

    shart week made me lol.

  8. RImau,

    see post before commenting.

    it’s like checking your mirrors before pulling out at an intersection.

    if you don’t, you might CRASH.

  9. Paranoid Android

    als 😀 Feel the love baby, a hurricane and snumie of love.

  10. thanks, paranoid. it means a lot to me. although my coco pops are already ruined, made soggy and salty by tears of self-pity.

  11. I don’t understand the frenzy that is Shark Week…

    However, SHART WEEK is something I can really get behind.

  12. I had never sharted my whole life until I was about 65 but since then I probably average one per week. They are more deceptive than women.

  13. I must say I smiled at Shart Week. Snumie, that’s some fucked up spelling. The other two are just meh.

  14. Shart Week is definitely something I could get behind (or, rather, support from a far distance).

  15. @bumpit– i don’t know if i’d want to get behind anyone who has the sharts. 😀

  16. Brah, a far, far, far distance! Just to be on the safe side.

  17. Meh…. hugs for alordslums! Aha i will have them soggy coco pops mixed with salty tears. They are my most favourite kind of despair themed cereal.

    Sharks must get really boring after bout an day…A whole week is a tad bit much!

    Some one needs to let loose a snumie on all the idiots who think shart week is awesome!

  18. Kids in their 20s acting like they are old men and women makes me want to lame book them right in the face.

  19. A snumie sounds like something you would see on an infomercial add, only it’s free for the coastal townspeople and inlanders have to travel to get it, so they get suckered in with the supposedly great hotel deals unless they have a friends place to stay at. Assuming they still have a place that is.

    On another note, Steel Panther fucking rocks! Feel the Steel!

  20. K and T are really nowhere near each other on the keyboard, so that last one was no accident. Well, it was, but not of the poor typing variety…

  21. dirtylittlepretty

    damn gay dog hairs!!

    loling @ snumie


  22. Legendry comment Nicoretta

    We have the same problem here in Australia,year long sleepfest caused by never ending reality tv shows and talentless crap

  23. Worst post I’ve seen in a while

  24. nuff, I thought the same thing about the infomercial for the “Snumie,” although I though maybe it might be the water-based version of the “snuggie.”

    “Like a portable waterbed, it’s the “Snumie!””

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