Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Couple Captures

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  1. somebody get destiny a job in the foreign office!


  3. i hope that destiny and friends are in middle school. you know how you “date” in middle school – just kinda say you are but never actually hang out or anything. but then again it depresses me that middle schoolers would have an iphone and i don’t.

  4. Meh.

  5. I thought Ryan was single why is he still going for dinner with his mom. I guess they must be trying to work things out somewhat.

  6. @Kelly I don’t have an iPhone either. Isn’t it some shit, to see some little spoiled 13 year old with one?! Argh.

    Anyway, a true friend would have cut that girl’s kidney out with an exacto knife, scratched it, and then got out a mini-sewing kit to replace it.

  7. @wanttoomakeout

    They must be from Arkansas.

  8. maybe Anthony thinks it’s an open relationship!? I would be down for that.

    I got a itchy pancreas…I’m gonna scratch it with loaded shotgun *boom* ahhh I don’t need that anyways! Why do I feel dizzy all of a sudden…it must of been something I ate!

  9. I definitely don’t get the second one. So he’s single. So he’s going out to dinner with his mom. So what?

    I’m single, and I go out to dinner with my mom sometimes. Whoopee.

  10. True to form, the Hobo has FINALLY seen Inception… like, days after the massive conversation on here about it.

    Why the hell am I talking about myself in the third person? I suppose the Hobo should probably read the Lamebook post…

  11. I love that.
    Hey, you and the wife still going strong?
    I dunno, I haven’t seen her in a day or two, I guess we’re not together anymore…

  12. I think Kevin is greatly exaggerating if he thinks he is going to reach her kidney.

  13. Something tells me “Destiny” has 3-4 children – all by different fathers whom she doesn’t “talk no more”.

  14. Careful fargy, what is it the Bible says about judging?

  15. dirtylittlepretty

    ohhh Danny …you make me want to go out and fornicate with 3 or 4 different men, make babies, and never speak a word to them.

  16. Destiny should take control of hers.

  17. I can’t believe I am saying this, especially after months of painfully reading and disagreeing with fargis but he is probably right about this one. Plus, “Destiny” is definitely a stripper name!

  18. I know I’m awesome lamebook, thanks for mentioning it.

  19. i’m surely wrong, but i read that destiny one, her last comment, it’s like shes sarcastically telling her friend to “if you see him tell him it’s over but can we still be friends”, as a way of replying to her friend sticking her nose in and lecturing where it don’t belong???you know”since you’re telling me how i should live my life why don’t you handle the rest of the break up for me too,” at least thats what i read into it.

  20. Calenthedestroyer

    Jimrob, you really shouldn’t give her that much credit. That degree of intelligence and sarcasm isn’t normally displayed by people who use “never talk no more.”

  21. I feel empty inside – Dan_fargis didn’t write a condescending pro fanatical christian viewpoint on it.

    The day will not be good 🙁

  22. Awwww Ryan seems adorable. He gets dumped and goes out to dinner with his mom. I want to hug him :3

  23. Adorable? You break up and then run for you mother? You should ask Freud what he thinks of that.

  24. awe geez. In my haste I forgot an “R” again.

  25. Is Destiny fucking that guy?

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