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  1. I didn’t either! He made most Australians cringe. And that creepy daughter of his…

  2. Didn’t like his show I mean. Its too early.

  3. Lol he died. Funsies.

    I didn’t really see any of his show I guess he gave people enough thing to sterotype Australians with, though. Crikey.

  4. There’s supposed to be a full stop and an s in there somewhere. I’ll let you figure out where.

  5. lol

  6. Anyone else seen the movie..? 😀

    And an ‘e’ has ran away. Gutted.

  7. Fucken lol Steve Erwin was a tool, just cos he died everyone pretend he was some awesome dude.

    9/10 for the pic
    10/10 for Beaus closing comment.

  8. A stingray! Still blows my mind.

  9. I know.. all those crocodiles and snakes and shit, and he gets killed by a stingray.
    Oh well.
    Beau’s comment made me lol.

  10. Look – Steve Irwin did a crapload of good with animal conservation and awareness.. But Crikey! He was annoying to almost every Australian.
    I feel for his family for the loss of a husband and father.. But play with fire long enough – You get burned. I think it was an accepted notion that he was going to die soon enough, he spent his life chasing a Dawrin Award.

  11. I think Bear Grylles does douchebaggery just a lil better than Steve Irwin. I’m waiting for a pissed off moose to slice him up and sleep inside his carcass.

    At least Steve had a message about saving animals n stuff, Bear is a bit more keen on slaughtering whatever gets in his way and devouring it sushi style.

  12. I loved Steve Irwin 11 many. He was such a dork, it made me smile. This made me smile too. It makes me smile even more that no one is arguing. YAY!

  13. yay!!

  14. Beau’s closing comment … I lol’d

  15. I can’t wait to see “man vs wild : man 0 : wild 1” fuck him. he’s annoying. if anyone deserves the credit it’s the camera guy who follows his sorry shit eating ass all over the place. steve irwin at least had a point

  16. Ha! stingrays… love it. and i too love that there’s no arguing. yay!

  17. what the hell happened to the homepage?!!!

  18. @jujumushu agreed, what the fuck happened?

  19. and it just changed back again, I dont get it

  20. DivineMonkeyTrigger

    I 100% agree with Evil_Nykki, his shtick was wrestling dangerous creatures, no one was interested in Steve Irwin the orator. He was there to wrangle deadly shit and piss it off, and if he got done in the process then so be it. Any joke is fair game, he went out doing what he loved did he not?

    Does anyone know this game? I want it, a Japanese game paying homage to the aeon old battle of man v stingray… fuck yea!

  21. i dressed up as steve irwin for halloween once.

  22. Where do I find someone that plays a Gameboy Color? All I can find are ones on a DS or a phone or an Xbox. Where are the hot ones that have just a plain Gameboy? Extra blow jobs to those that have the original with the Tetris that came with it.

  23. Chewbacca shagger

    I was divemastering on a boat that took steve out to a shark habitat. Normally the sharks will come up close and you can touch them. He was chasing them and waving his arms all over as he always did. I thought one big one was gonna take him. It got really pissed!

  24. JesusOnADinosaur

    His daughter is so, so, so creepy. I bet she won’t be playing with stingrays, ever.

  25. Steve Irwin was a king among men. His legacy will never be forgotten. He had such a love for animals, and cared for every species so deeply it was almost infectious. Stingrays, in particular, were always in his heart.

  26. @ Sensible Madness. Lol, Dude. Lol.

  27. I just wanted to thank Lamebook for posting this. It’s not really all that funny- it’s cute and a bit of a chuckle, but that’s it. In my mind, though, this post serived its purpose in pushing the healthcare one down, with all it’s 12,032 comments, so that horribleness wasn’t the first thing I saw when I came online tonight. For this, I thank you Lamebook. Oh, and Steve Irwin. And the Stingray. Whose name was also Steve.

  28. JesusOnADinosaur

    @ Evil_Nikky – Aye. Lol.

  29. @ Sensible Madness. I now feel liked I am going to Hell for laughing at your comment. Totally worth it though.

  30. RIP Steve, miss you, you crazy C.

    Now we have to put up with that whiny little brat Bindi.

  31. Anyone seen the South park parody of him sticking his fingers in the backsides of all kinds of animals ?

  32. yes X)

  33. Aw… and he was so close to leveling. 🙁

  34. @druknr

    I still have the original gameboy with tetris. My nephew has a gameboy color. The Nintendo DS Lite plays gameboy color games. So I’ve got you covered on all counts.

    The truly lame thing here is that he purposely lost in order to take this picture. I’m sure he was “fighting” all kinds of animals and as soon as he found a string ray, he let himself die. I mean, he’s level 30 and the stingray is level 20, obviously he could’ve taken him out with a few tackles. I wonder if the real Steve Erwin ended his own life in a similar fashion… suicide by sting ray, so tragic.

  35. internetdatingsuperstud


    The DS Lite doesn’t play Gameboy Colour games.

  36. @internetdatingsuperstud

    Fine, it plays gameboy advance games… same thing (kind of)

  37. steve was a great guy. that’s a man’s death right there.

  38. @Sensible Madness: I hurt myself laughing, good show!

  39. I’m pretty sure Steve was superimposed on what lookes like a generic pokemon.

    And I also have a gameboy color… no tetris though

  40. Steve Irwin was a bane to most of us zoologists but there was no better animal champion than he. He and his wife purchased several large lots of land around thew world to use as sanctuaries. While I disagree with the way he handled the animals on the show He did an awful lot for conservation and research.

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