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Healthcare, Beware!

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  1. @howdy: It’s because you system sucks balls. I hope you lose your job and get sick.
    @slimjayz: I dont care how much charity you do but equating healthcare to a blow job is fucked up. I know getting blown helps my migraines but not the panacea we all hope for.
    @duncan: are you happy at the billions of dollars the military siphons from the U.S. budget to fight polititians wars for them?
    looks like coruption of the system to me.
    @Britishhobo: love you man.
    before i go. i’m in the health care system, a card carrying socialist, and a downshifter. Have a nice day

  2. @Britishhobo

    I know I’m right ;D


    I think you’ll find that most things in life that involve a service of some sort are money driven and therefore will always be flawed and corrupt. However, we can improve them a bit but we’ll never perfect them. That’s why slight improvements like this are always a bit exciting.

  3. I love how many Americans are upset about this healthcare bill, how “shitty” healthcare is in countries that have “free” healthcare (like Canada) but would in a HEARTBEAT, take advantage of it….

    Case in point, that hot piece of ass GILF/Hockey mom (pronounced hackymaam) Sarah Palin and her family took advantage of Canada’s healthcare system when she couldn’t get care in Alaska…..

    Its REAL easy to talk shit while you are healthy, and covered, but methinks your opinion WILL change, once an “unexpected” illness, or accident occurs….

    P.S I love the Aussie phrases too!
    Carn the Dee’s!

  4. Dawnstar “I can’t believe through all of these comments nobody addressed the fact that iddjit stated that Al Gore INVENTED THE QUESTION MARK (#240). Holy Sh*t. That is all.”

    My half brother who suffers from 2 of the 3 major kinds of retardation was on the computer last night….
    Please disregard any of my posts last night

  5. I am a poor, Type 1 Diabetic single-father college student. And I am proud to be an American.

    The health-care debate is not as simple as some make it out to be. There is no question that helping others is a good thing. I do as much of it as I can. The problem with Universal Health Care in the US is that it goes against the founding principles of our Republic (yes, Republic, not Democracy; it is a bit of both, actually). It is not and should not be the responsibility of the government to care for the people. The government is here to protect our rights, not provide them. It is not an equalizer.

    Call me what you will, but I am against Universal Health Care, Social Security, Welfare, etc. This is not out of a lack of caring for those who honestly cannot provide what they need; but their needs are not the government’s concern. A human right is not the same as a legal right. Charities can support many of these individuals, and are much more efficient than the government. ALL of the social programs go against what this nation was founded on. The government should protect us from being taken advantage of (aka, dropping coverage), but not provide that for us (or force us to purchase it, as this bill does). America has always been a nation of personal responsibility, and those responsibilities should never be foisted on another; this is part of what our government is supposed to protect us from, not force on us itself.

    It is the attitude of personal responsibility that made America great. That isn’t to say that more Socialized nations aren’t great; some are, and that’s fantastic. But that’s not America. In America, you should be able to do whatever you want, as long as it does not infringe on someone else’s rights. And they should not be able to do anything that infringes on your own.

  6. @trueblueskies: while that is a very amusing link, stictly speaking most of those things don’t equate to socialism

  7. Australia, New Zealand, Canada, UK and wherever else, I’m glad you care about our health more than we seem to.

  8. I just got tired of reading the same shit ripostes over and over again. Let me lay it out for you all right now:

    If you think a healthcare bill is anything but beneficial to the entire country, you’re a bloody fucking idiot. the entire WORLD has societal classes, and they all have healthcare and all countries that have it don’t seem to give a shit about paying for it. If you think it’s socialist, you’re even more idiotic. Socialism requires that everyone is equal in ALL aspects of life. Adding a few dollars every two weeks to taxes that can benefit EVERYONE INCLUDING YOUR STUPID SELF is far from socialist. If you think poor people are just sucking up your money so they can get help, you deserve to be drowned. I’d love to see how much you hate the healthcare system when you’re in an extreme medical crisis, get fixed up and then spend the rest of your life paying off an exhorbitant bill. Yeah, you getting sick is your own responsibility, but if you’re paying taxes for that healthcare, you’ve TAKEN that responsibility into your own hands. YOU CONTRIBUTE. JUST LIKE EVERYBODY ELSE.

    Another thing that makes me laugh is how everyone seems to think the poor will take advantage and use the money for shit like drugs or whatever. Are you stupid? You don’t get MONEY. You get a card that they swipe and approve. The insurance companies pay for it. And guess what? Those insurance companies get grants from the government to compensate. Is it really that hard to think past your greedy, selfish noses? Wake up and smell 1957 for fuck’s sake.

  9. Why are Americans so upset about the healthcare bill?
    Let me break it down for you…


    Plain and simple. God created a world were some people live, and some people die. It is not pretty, but it is the truth.

  10. KaynDarks, I’m curious, do you think that you will be able to get/afford care for yourself, or your child if you are to lose your job due to downsizing, or some other factor out of your control?

    What will you do when you can’t get your insulin? Or your child gets sick?

    I know if I was a private health insurance company, I wouldn’t insure you! You are a liability! I would want healthy people who will pay, and not use their insurance…..

    I know its a “what if” but it isn’t too far fetched of an idea….

    Its comical how against universal health care some people are, but have no qualms about spending exponential amounts more on war….. I ain’t a hippy, but just find it funny that you would rather blow the shit out of some foreigner, rather than care for your own people…..

  11. @dude_chill

    Yknow, everytime I hear an american use the constitution and its (stupid, ridiculous, illogical) ammendments, I respond by saying the following:

    I wish the constitution stated that all americans have the right to shoot themselves in the face at any point in their lives. considering often you run to your constitution bitching about your rights and what’s coming to them, I’m sure many of them would be wiped out instantly and the world would be a better place.

    If you think that’s a plausible rebuttal, you should jump off a bridge right now.

  12. And the fact that you all use the constitution strictly to determine what is and isn’t your right just proves how fucked up that country is. You need a piece of paper written by drunken fascists to tell you what’s right and what’s wrong? A piece of paper made of hemp, which comes from marijuana, which your government spend upwards of 800 MILLION dollars annually to combat?

    Jesus christ the vast majority are so stupid it hurts to hear you talk. I feel so bad for the GOOD people among you, that they have to spend their lives in such ludicrous company.

  13. I agree DeusX!
    Didn’t the Constitution also state that blacks were only 3/5’s of a man?

    I want to add the right to bare arms (nice wife beater!) but I’m afraid I am hijacking to another volatile subject….

  14. @iddjit

    it doesn’t matter in which way this deflects, the point remains the same.

  15. @DuesX

    You strike me a Socialist. Good for you. But let me point out a few things:

    1) The whole ‘everyone contributes’ thing. Not true. Only those with money contribute. And the ones with more contribute more. Forcing someone to be charitable isn’t right. Get over it.

    2) The Constitution is the foundation for this country. It is what made this country great. It certainly has it’s problems, but it’s better than Socialism. That’s an opinion. It can’t be proven either way.

    3) The founders were not fascists. Maybe you should actually read up on who they were. Unless Socialism is against reading? Oh wait, that’s it’s brother Communism. My bad.

    4) You certainly have the right to think I’m an idiot. And I have the right to think you’re raging moron. Because you are. This is the internet, it doesn’t really matter. But for me, at least, the right to say it is guaranteed by that piece of paper you so despise.


    If such were to happen, I would go to charities and whatnot. If I couldn’t be helped, I would die. Or my son would. People should not be forced to help us survive. It’s just as morally wrong to force them as for them not to.

    Also, the 3/5s compromise was about the census, to determine population for the House of Representatives. Slavery was one of the problems with the Constitution; one of the few.

  16. Good luck with the “charities and whatnot” when your foot falls off dude….

    I guess all those that now have no access to healthcare just haven’t heard of these charities and whatnot….?

    I feel for your son, who had no choice to be born, into a “poor single father” family….I hope he finds someone to take care of him when you get too sick to do it yourself….I’m sure someone will take him…..

    Your short sightedness is sad….
    This EVIL socialist healthcare system you despise will benefit you! It blows my mind that you have probably NEVER seen any of these “horrible socialist” countries, like Canada, Australia, etc….But have been brainwashed that they have to be shitholes, because they offer medical care for their people…

    Believe me, you WILL change your mind if God forbid, you end up with even less money than you have now….Miss a few insulin shots, and then what?

    Who cares, if you are too sick, too bad, just die…..

  17. @iddjit

    It’s not a matter of who cares or doesn’t care. I KNOW that this healthcare will benefit me. I realize that some nations make socialism work. But I don’t want it. There are reasons that I don’t want it. I have outlined them.

    And no, my mind won’t change. I’ve been in tough situations, with thousands of dollars of medical bills stacked up. I got through that with some charity and a lot of work. And my mind is still made up.

  18. @ DeusX

    I have my own insurance, so it wont benefit me… and mandating people get insurance could be unconstitutional… I know a lot of my posts have been missed since there are hundreds of comments… But I am not opposed to health care for all… just didnt like how a number of things were done in this bill… I think if you are going to fix something, do it better than this crap bill… Anyways I enjoy playing devils advocate…

    Anyways… the government really should provide bjs

  19. Just an FYI, you have a 1 in 5 chance of having a LEA (Lower-Extremity Amputation) by the time you reach 65…..Maybe you’ll be a lucky one, and not lose a foot…..Or feet….

    Or, if you are unlucky, you will lose both feet while you are still young, and caring for your son….. Hopefully you will get a job that allows you to continue working after you are released from hospital from the double amputation…..

    I am perplexed that you like “charity” or “free money”, but are opposed to the government providing you with the thing$ you are getting from your charitie$????

    Are you serious that universal healthcare will make you a socialist state???
    What about Welfare, Food Stamps, social security, I can go on and on with other “socialist” whatnots that your country currently provides……

    I feel sorry sounding like such an insensitive fuck, making you contemplate what your illness may do to you, and how this will affect your young child, but I mean no harm, I just want you to see the light. I hope you are one of the “lucky” ones, and have very few hospital visits for your diabetes

  20. jesus christ 369 comments!

  21. I know full well what my disease will likely do to me. And if I die before my son hits 18, he will go to his addict mother. If you read my previous posts, you should know that I am also against those social programs. One program does not make us a socialist state… but we have far more than one. We aren’t there yet, but we get constantly closer.

    The difference between Charity and government hand outs is a simple one; one is given freely, the other is taken.

    You aren’t insensitive; I’m a brutally honest person myself. All that you have said I have considered. But my personal hardship doesn’t change what my values are, or my beliefs. If it did, it would merely prove that my beliefs weren’t truly thought out or embraced.

  22. People don’t know what the hell they’re talking about. They pick up on buzz words and what people tell them, and spew out something to the same effect. The most sweeping changes in health care are that people won’t be denied coverage, we get stuck paying less money for people who don’t have insurance because more people will have it, and… well, research it for yourself. Cost containment will help lower the deficit and cover the expense of the bill. Liberals and conservatives are both guilty of being ignorant, though. Think of it this way: if we were getting socialized health care, why did stocks go up for the insurance industry today? It’s because they’re getting a guarantee of more business from Americans. That’s capitalism geared toward private-run health care. Wonder why we’re not more concerned about that.

  23. and counting…

  24. @KaynDarks: why are you talking about socialism like its such a dirty word? Are you stuck in the Cold War or something? Are you worried that the Commies are coming?

    Things aren’t as black and white as you’re making them out. You can’t run the country on the words of the Constitution, a document over 300 years old which clearly cannot cope with the drastic changes that have happened since then. It was written before the industrial revolution of the 1800s and the subsequent poverty, long before the huge business conglomerates that concentrated wealth of the 1900s, long before the Great Depression, before Marx had ever written a word, before the social causes of poverty began to be recognized.

    There have been 17 additional amendments to the Constitution, not counting the millions of Laws which the country is actually run upon. Socialist-style in some respects, but like I said, things aren’t as black and white as that. You can’t take a hard and fast ‘let’s be liberal view’, the world doesn’t work like that. You have to be pragmatic. Having socialized health care doesn’t make you socialist, considering how much America bends over backwards to big business.

  25. It’s incredible how ignorant you are. beware! the socialists are coming to steal your money! It’s against the consitution!

    I don’t even need to point out everything stupid about your reply. You have no idea how social healthcare works, cuz you haven’t had it, ever. The rest of us, have. and in no way does it deter our lives. We’re all very happy to help each other out, because we know how it works, and don’t have a stupid, unfounded, pre-disposed fear of NOT being greedy, money-grubbing, big-wig fuckheads, flapping our gills about our rights and what the constitution allows us to do. It’s no wonder that country’s on the brink of self-destruction. You all live your lives based on an oxymoron, and you sit there ignorantly defending that very fact.

    I did my research, I know my history, and I know very well that the founding fathers of your country were more fascist than you can comprehend. I can give you tons of details, but you wouldn’t believe them even if I gave you documented proof.

    Let me spell it out for you and any other socialism-fearing american:

    You’re afraid of socialism because your politicians have conditioned you to fear the concept. In no way did any of you inform yourselves about what it really is, and in no way do any of you have a valid reason for hating it.

    And by the way, you’re a real hypocrite. Thousands of dollars of medical bills, and you needed charity to help cover the cost? If i need to explain why that’s hypocritical, then my point is beyond proven.

  26. What most people in America don’t realize is that we already have taxpayer funded health care. Medicare? Medicaid? And it varies by state but in Arizona we have something here called AHCCCS. (Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System) One of the beauties of having ahcccs is that if a woman is pregnant and she does not have insurance at the time she will automatically be accepted into ahcccs. This makes sure that you attend important prenatal visits and no one has to worry about paying any bills for having the baby and/or hospital stays. Let me tell you, I am a working mom and at the time i was pregnant did not have healthcare (i was employed at the time, but my employer did not offer, as most salons don’t) An had i not had that opportunity, i would have owed thousands of dollars for my 48 hour labor and c-section and my sons post natal care.
    There are some people who will take advantage of the system, but as of right now, (to make it short and to the point) old people and poor people are the only to take advantage of such a system. Shouldn’t EVERYONE have that luxury?

  27. DeusX Well said btw

  28. KaynDarks, in addition to the other points, you said that the Constitution does not guarantee you the right to healthcare. Did you know that in 1787, there was a block of delegates who were initially opposed to the Bill of Rights. One member of the Georgia delegation had to stay by way of opposition: “If we list the set of rights, some fools in the future are going to claim that people are entitled only to those rights enumerated and no others.”

    I’m not going to weigh in on other points, I’m just not well informed enough. On a purely emotive standpoint, I think anyone arguing that healthcare shouldn’t be free and accessible to everyone is going to struggle not to come off heartless, but I thought you might like to know that Georgia thinks you’re an fool.

  29. Did none of you even read my posts? Seriously…

    I’m sure a socialistic government can work. I pointed this out several times, in fact. You need to work on your reading skills; I never said I hated socialism, or that it’s evil. Stereotyping me isn’t doing you any good, accepting making you feel better about being an ignorant ranting fuck.

    Just because it can work, doesn’t mean I have to want it. There are others things that work, as well.


    Show me your documented proof. Come on. I’m waiting. Just because I disagree with you doesn’t make me an uneducated fool, or a hate mongering idiot. Assuming that I am just goes to show that, yeah, you might be.

    As to the charity used to pay for my bills, again, do you need remedial reading? I pointed out the difference between charity and government care. Go back and take a look, unless you’re incapable. I would have taken care of the bills regardless, but it made it a lot easier. I didn’t demand it, I didn’t assume that I deserved it, but I sure as hell took it when offered.

    No, the Constitution can’t cover everything. I don’t assume that it can. But the base of the constitution, the underlying principles, those are important. And I intend to uphold them.

    I mention all of these programs (the federal ones). And yes, I’m against them.

    Yes, I was aware of opposition to the Bill of Rights. And, in fact, there is a specific Amendment that covers un-enumerated rights (the 9th). Note, though, that none of the initial rights has anything to do with a right to a Product, or a right to not be poor. Not one. Were there not those at the time who couldn’t afford food? Or clothing? I think there were.

    Sorry, but medical care IS a product.

  30. … Cassandra is fucking awesome + hilarious. I almost spat Arizona tea all over my keyboard at her comment <3

  31. Hehehe – Americans are funny.

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