Monday, May 18, 2009

Crunk 4 Christ

soulja boy

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  1. Crank means masturbate…….that makes for a very strange statement right there.

  2. Blumpkins3McCain

    there are so many things wrong with this i don’t know where to begin..

  3. no — Crank That is that inane song by Soulja Boy. I’m not sure what his remark means. Blumpkins — enlighten?

  4. foremangriller1

    ima just put it out there but who isnt crankin that soldier boy for big JC

  5. holy misinterpretation. uh, like play it loud?

  6. this is not LAME its hilarious!


  8. Do you think Soulja Boy is his penis’ nickname?

  9. Crank that Soulja Boy is a dance. He dances for Christ

  10. The word “crank” also means “to turn up loudly” in Australian vernacular.

  11. I’m in the US and always thought crank meant “to turn up loudly” as well.

  12. actually, in the context of that song, “crank” does mean jack off. “crank that soulja boy and superman that ho” means to jack off on a chick’s back while she’s asleep and stick a bedsheet to her back so when it dries and she wakes up in the morning she’ll have a cape. i think that douche actually does call his cock “soulja boy”

  13. Skydaddy’s been on urbandictionary. That’s false info on there. Someone already came forward and stated they put that up to mess with Soulja Boy’s sales, yet urbandictionary felt no need to remove it.

    Its a douchy status, but it just means he does the dance Crank That (from the song by the same name) …somehow in the name of God…?

  14. So, Sem, what does it mean to “Superman that ho?” I mean, it sounds super classy either way…

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