Thursday, June 20, 2013


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  1. What monster would discard the crust?

  2. The same kind of monster that believes that it’s not littering if it’s biodegradable.

  3. It’s not littering. And it’s not OK to do that because it’s biodegradable, it’s OK because crust will be eaten by birds/rodents/insects in about a day. Throwing away a paper cup because its biodegradable is, however, wrong.

  4. That was really bread of him.

  5. If Leviticus was written now it would go something like that ^ “Thou shall not litter, for it is unclean. Excepting biodegradable items, for they shalt be fed upon by the beasts of the field. Paper cups are unclean and not cool dude. Any man who lays a paper cup upon the ground shall be sent into the desert for 3 days and 3 nights to do community service”

  6. ^ You forgot “fed upon by the beasts of the field and the fowls of the air.”

    Tossed bread also attracts those rat creatures that eat our cast out food items and then shit everywhere. I believe those creatures are called “pigeons.”

  7. The problem is (dare I say it…?) ‘litter culture’. I’m willing to bet that if this guy throws crusts out of his window, he throws other stuff too. Dirty!

  8. ^ Have you ever seen those people who open their car door, set a McDonald’s bag of trash on the ground, close their door and drive off?

  9. ^No, but I have seen people emptying their car ashtrays in the same manner. The mind boggles.

  10. #8 – those people are the worst. Complete assholes

  11. ^and people who drop fag butts. Fucks me…

  12. ^ I see what you did there…

  13. The odds the OP just rambled on about are about the same as the chances that the crust-in-face guy is one of his Fb friends, and would be able to acknowledge the “apology”.

  14. How about we all agree that throwing most things (biodegradable or not) is just stupid and lazy.

  15. ^ Agreed.

    By the way, where I live, biodegradable or not, if you toss something out of your car, a cop can ticket you for littering.

  16. God damn it, why are we so sensible

  17. #14 unless it’s jizz cause that’s just fucking hilarious.

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