Monday, August 23, 2010

Daily Dilemmas

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  1. Stever.

    …whaaaaat? This is nonsense.

  2. Patrick is creative and witty cause he can quote a movie that came out two years ago.

  3. MsBuzzkillington

    aw… true love.

  4. I bet someone else posted on Carey’s FB, when she left herself logged in somewhere.

  5. I need that pencil for my collection of stinky things. Probably has a hobo factor of at least 6. (Not a reference to BritishHobo. Though he is kinda funky smellin’)Mmmm! Cheese!

  6. To be fair that is probably the most genuine display of unfettered affection I’ve ever seen on facebook.

  7. Well at least the cops won’t have to work hard to solve that one.

  8. Who's That Girl?

    I too use a pencil to scratch my babakanoosh. One time, I found my tampon behind my ear…rough day…

  9. The above comment is fantastic

  10. Sounds like a rough day WTG. Did you forget your meds that day? 😛

  11. The lightning bolt post is from Step Brothers.

  12. I guess I’m a little late with that . . .

  13. Who’s That Girl? I LOVE YOU.

  14. I hope Carey is using the eraser end…

  15. Clearly Carey doesn’t realise that she can easily buy a cream that will make the pencil redundant.

  16. She should have worn a skirt. I like my women to be lady-like when stabbing their crotch scabies.

  17. I’ve a habit of picking up pencils and chewing the ends. Maybe it’s one I should break after reading that? Depends…

  18. HAHAHAHAHA… Depends probably would make a difference in the flavour of the pencil.

  19. Well that wasn’t what I was driving at, but yeah, I guess you’re right.

  20. 1) Tanner and Heather will be married forever.

    2) Carey is a skank that admits to the world that her meat chimes are septic.

    3) Patrick needs to lay off the shitty movie lines and for the love of Zod 86 the pirate option on FB.

    4) And again, single dudes and cats? WTF?

  21. I think Wordpervert and Who’sThatGirl should start hanging out.

  22. Ahhh, Mike is so cute.

  23. WTG=my hero for saying “babakanoosh”. New favorite word of the week? I think so.

  24. Do we say ‘on heat’ rather than ‘in heat’ in the UK, or have I got it wrong all this time?

  25. Mike, I know the cat / pussy thing has been done to death but in this case i think it really will work!

    Just treat the cat like you would a pussy, fuck it to within an inch of it’s life, (cats only have small dicks so yours will seem massive to it) leaving it in a satisfied peaceful meow free slumber.

    Patrick = Lightning Rod joke

    Carey is fucking asking for it there’s nothing I like better than a dirty stench wench who is willing to go at herself with stationary. Where’s that bastard protractor when you need it?!

  26. dirtylittlepretty

    what happened to ‘good girls’ who used a brillo pad to scratch??

  27. Yes, Tanner and Heather will be married forever. Or at least until one of them kills the other…

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