Friday, May 14, 2010

Dark Days

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  1. BEN!

  2. Tweens who whine about offing themselves should remember that actions always speak louder than words.

  3. Yikes.
    Looked it up: Trolley Square:

  4. Toadette is the winner

    i like heather. she tells it like it is.

  5. sarahmargeurite

    I like Kels’ sad excuse for what she said. Has anybody else heard the expression being hit by a truck to mean coming to a sudden realization? I definitely haven’t.

  6. glitteredgold510

    question, like in the first pic, how do you set the time to be shown in brackets?

  7. If Laci was actually at Trolley Square during the shooting, she needs to go see a therapist about it pronto. If not, she needs to suck it up and stop being a drama queen.

    And Devin, if you have emo losers as friends, you really should have a backup plan to acquire beer if they decide to actually go through with the suicidal nonsense they’re always posting. It’s just common sense.

  8. Sounds like Laci is experiencing survivors guilt. I’ve heard hit by a ton of bricks but never a truck.

  9. a bit of xanex could help out in all of these situations.

  10. wow. just read about trolley square. i feel bad for her if she was really there.

  11. Ya know, everyone has their down moments. I usually try to keep them to myself, or talk to a friend in person if I need to. Putting it online just seems like playing for attention. But, if that’s what you need to get through, more power to you. But I also have two or three Facebook friends who post this stuff EVERY… SINGLE… DAY. And it’s like, enough. Get over it. Enough people still pander to them and constantly post the “it’ll be ok’s” and the “call me if you need to’s” that I feel perfectly OK ignoring them at this point.

  12. Usually when I say I want somebody to be hit by a truck, I mean I want them to be hit by a truck.

  13. There is a reason why there is therapy and support groups. These people need to go that route.

    Also, look both ways to avoid big trucks.

  14. burn laci’s body and use it for fuel, solving environmental and societal problems with one fell swoop.

  15. AnonymousBastard

    I’ve said before that I feel like I’ve been hit by a truck to describe a hangover or hearing shocking news.

    But when I say I wish someone would be hit by a truck I mean just that. Dee is being a sensitive bitch. I hate when people pull the “that’s not funny, my brother died that way” bullshit.

  16. Ahahaahahahahaha! Laci wishes she was dead! LOL! 😀 This is so hilarious! And look, all her friends are worried about her! They’re scared because she’s severely depressed!
    Fuck me, comedy gold.

    Also, Kels? REALLY poor attempt at wriggling out of that one. Bad show, man.

  17. Same to Lamebook, really. Bad show, guys.

  18. i’m with Dee on the “hit by a truck” thing. i have a similar problem with “it’s not brain surgery.”

  19. It’s the “want to know my secret?”, bit that makes Laci sound like a whiney emo attention-seeker. When I see this kind of shite in my FB feed I unfriend with a quickness. And vomit.

  20. Oh BritishHobo how I laugh and laugh and laugh at your witty comments 🙂 you make my day sometimes

  21. Grammar Police

    I applaud Heather and Devin.

  22. Super Nintendo Chalmers

    @Sensible Madness: Sage advice, as always.

    @rescan: That’s a little harsh. I had a friend who was killed by a ton of bricks.

  23. TylerDurdenUMD

    I hope Dee gets hit by a truck full of clowns. Then it would really be funny.

  24. lol

  25. BritishHobo is a top-notch hobo, in my book, which incidentally is not called Lamebook or Facebook. Actually, it’s called BritishHobo is a Top-Notch Hobo.
    Get thee to Amazon and buy a copy.

    I’ve heard the expression in the context of, “It hit me like a truck.” I doubt Kels meant it figuratively, however. Dee, though, pisses me off because she claimed she knew it wasn’t the literal meaning but still decided get her panties all in a bunch.

    I mean, does she go around yelling at truck drivers? There’s the possibility that her friend who was run down by a truck was doing just that…in order to avenge the death-by-truck of another friend. …and they were swiftly run down for being a prick.

    It’s a vicious cycle. I’ve seen it a hundred times.

  26. I only feel bad for the Chick that may have been at Trolley Square, that would require some serious therepy. Though why post it on facebook. Excellent.

  27. I like Devin’s priorities.

  28. Don’t get too excited, it’s probably some shit (read, American) beer.

  29. I feel bad for Laci if she was there, but I wonder if she really was? Maybe that’s why Heather lit into her so quickly. I would do the same thing. I have one or two people in my feed who are constantly whining about their crappy lives for attention. If its not one thing its another.
    Dee should be hit by a truck! That would put the cosmic balance back in order.

  30. I’d like to point out that Trolley Square, according to the wiki article was 3 years ago!!! Get some help and get over it already.

  31. You know, I think if that girl was at Trolley Square, trying to get us to laugh at her status is pretty horrible. Seeing as she would be a distraught girl who can’t live with the guilt that she saw her friends die and survived herself. That’s not exactly fucking comedy.

    If she is some miserable teenager who is referencing some awful tragedy in an attention-seeking status, laugh away. Otherwise? No.

  32. I get the feeling that Laci was probably there, but most likely away from the action. I severely doubt she knew anyone that was killed/injured. You can tell she just wants attention, because if she didn’t, she would either keep that shit to herself or confide in someone she trusts. Not post it on facebook.

    If anything, I find it disrespecful to those who were harmed during such a traumatic event. Plus, it kinda blows up in the face of those who might actually have those kind of thoughts.

  33. I think that Kels and Dee need to be hit by a truck.

    (No offense intended to truck drivers, people who have been hit by trucks, or people who read once about someone who was hit by a truck. The asshole pickup truck driver who cut me off this evening on my way to work, though? I hope you die in a fire.

    (No offense intended to anyone who has ever died in a fire.) )

  34. Heather is right. That is a very loud call for attention, which is why Heather shouldn’t be such a bitch about and actually get help for the poor girl! When someone is depressed, it’s cruel to laugh at them and laud the people who are too selfish to care in the first place. If Heather is so bothered by Laci’s posts, she can block them or defriend Laci. The bitchiness is not needed.

  35. When one of my friends talk about harming themselves, I break out the SluiceSlide*. It’s my patented plastic sheet that I lay out in the back yard.

    SluiceSlide: Buy one today!
    1. The sprinkler water is filled with enough downers to kill an elephant!
    2. Razors on the edges are waiting for any wrists that want to go exploring!
    3. An industrial grade bear trap at the end ensures a satisfactory conclusion!

    *suicide is not the answer. you fucking pussy. grow a sack, and join the rest of us.

  36. does anyone know how to get the (time) thing on fb next to the hours ago?

  37. it’s annoying when people try to get attention with that retarded ‘oh don’t make fun of that because my sister/friend/uncle/.. died of that’ shit
    it has nothing to do with you and yes everybody knows someone who died getr over yourself

  38. PickledCabbage

    @ MikeyMike
    Your comment was far funnier than the posts.

  39. Krishana must have epic beer rendering skills. or is that fat-rendering?

  40. I am thinking of off’ing myself too…
    Some rubberbands…a can of Hersheys syrup (not the shit that comes in the plastic bottle, the hardcore, old school, “chocolate in metal” flavor-Oh the “yum”)
    a copy of TV Guide from ’95 with Deep Space Nine on the cover, and a box of Tampax. So I have all I need to do the job. I am not sure that it’s a cry for help necessarily. I could be horny. Or bored. Or suicidal. Maybe it’s a combo platter.
    Will he? Won’t he?
    Tune in next week as……
    Remember trucks don’t kill people, or people who make fun of people who wish people would be killed by trucks…
    Pearl Plastic kills people…

  41. You tripped me out Genghis

  42. Aaaand there’s my pet peeve again… “I know some one who got killed in a truck accident, that’s why you shouldn’t use that expression or wish that someone would get hit by a truck, someone like me could get really offended by it.” Ugggh.

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