Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Dealing with Dealing

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  1. The Beast Among Us

    It’s a drug called “high fructose corn syrup,” and it’s deadly.

  2. If you deal in Candy it’s your fault if you get raped.

  3. It was pot candy.

  4. I wanna rape pot candy.

  5. I was raped by pot candy just a moment ago. It still hurts so good…

  6. Skittles are more addicting to fat american kid than crack!!
    Should keep Obamacare busy for 50 years!
    ps. hows that going??

  7. How’s the consistently shitty healthcare in Canada? Does your insurance cover hospitals in America when you need to come here for quality work? We do outsource our dental to Thailand, though. Can go on vacation and get your teeth fixed for the same price as just fixing your teeth. Candy dealer may benefit from that. Stvr’s mouth could use a good cleaning too. Constant banging of cock on teeth and use of jiz for toothpaste have left Stvr with rotten teeth and halitosis.

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  9. Antoinette J. Gonzales

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